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Elevation Education

Aug 8, 2018 | Awareness | 0 comments

The spirit of the child is genius. It’s filled with enthusiasm, curiosity, surprise and delight. As we’re able to intentionally carry this open secret into old age, we continue to elevate education to it’s rightful place in our cultures, societies and lives. When we stifle these genius qualities due to neglect, cultural conditioning and ignorance however, we lose the gift of learning, stagnate and start living to die rather than dying to live. It’s a choice we all make: to lose our meaning and fire for aliveness or retain and enhance it.

I woke up the other morning chanting ‘elevation, elevation, elevation, elevation.‘ When I finally became aware of what was happening, I was dumbfounded to hear my voice repeating this one word over and over again. I finally stopped and tried to associated it with something that had meaning. Was it because I lived in Colorado at a six thousand foot elevation? Was it because I was getting depressed and anxious about my present and future after three years of retirement and loss? What was going on here?

After getting up slowly in this strange space, I realized I was depressed and began to recognize it as anger turned in on itself. I walked through my usual morning routine while the antagonistic energy increased. How long was I going to stay stuck in this place of aggressive discontent and denial? What did elevation have to do with this? I then remembered a linked dream where I was violently yelling at the service attendant I just need some gas!!!” In that moment of conscious shock and awe, it dawned on me what ‘elevation education’ was about for me. It was a radiant aha awakening.

From before I could remember, I’d been conditioned to put others before me. I’d been trained to hide, repress and deny my artist self that wanted to serve but not in ways that were acceptable to my family. I was presently in line to take another service job that would put me on the front line of caring for others and again believing I had to  deny my inner child. It was liberating to see this. The internal turmoil awakened me to the altitude of consciousness I was operating at and the elevation I needed to move to.

As I debriefed this internal blowout in my journal, it became apparent that these shadow parts had been stewing for a long time and needed attention. This look into the mirror, this self reflection became an ‘elevation education’ that awakened me and brought me to a higher level of enlivened energy and to a different approach to life in the process. All this is to say that “True education elevates human consciousness.” Fear depletes energy while love gives wings for heightened elevation of energy and genius.

Elevation, elevation, elevation, elevation. . . . from the darkness of our unconscious  programs and conditioning. . . . from the oppression of what’s hidden, repressed and denied. . . . into the light of our conscious awareness and new ways of being. . . . into the revelation of genius within. . . into our divine child filled with wonder, delight and enthusiasm. . . . into the unique artist that lives within us all waiting to be discovered . . . . Elevation education is awakening to the passion of ongoing living, loving, laughing, learning and lightening up. . . Enjoy it, embrace it and prosper from it.

  • Over the next weeks, give attention to your dreams. They ordinarily are able to be captured as you wake up. Set an intention to give them attention every night just before you drift off. Keep a dream journal and note the events. . . . Whether you know it or not, your dreams are doing their work every night. Attention, attention, attention.
  • Whatever season of life you’re in, begin to recognize what you’re hiding, repressing and denying about yourself, your past, present and future. . . . Be gentle with yourself.
  • Meditate on elevation, elevation, elevation, elevation. . . . What needs to be elevated in your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual realms of life at the conscious as well as unconscious levels of being and doing? What does your elevation education want/need to be at this time and space in your life? Ask over time and be awake to the clues along the way. . . . It has significant value for liberating Awareness & Aliveness.


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