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Appreciating Today

In each space there was no judgement, no differentiation, only participation and integration.

Perpetual Power

It’s a power that creates natural growth, a power that’s ever present, abundant and mysterious.

Mother’s Mysteries

I’ve come to spend more time in the inner and outer environments that bring me home to the many mysteries of Mother Nature.

Sensing Spring

Sensing Spring is moving beyond our five senses while also including them. It’s closing our outer eyes while opening our inner eyes.

Easter Vision

Easter speaks to us about a new vision that transcends yet includes what we must let go of.

Natural Wonder

The natural wonder of life is ever present. The secret is learning how to open ourselves to it.

April’s Wonder

The world is full of wonder and magic which we invariability forget in our quests for accomplishment and acknowledgment.

Embracing Change

I haven’t given myself to it by creating a new reality. I haven’t recognized that the necessary change starts here within me.

Join the Dance!

As we attune our hearts to this eternal message, we are able to say ‘Yes’ to the dance of delight in every season we find ourselves and our environment in.

The Wonder of Spring

What is it that takes us away from the natural rhythms of Life? In seeing so many hidden wonders of Spring, I smile and begin to sing.

March Mysteries

As we journey through this month of mysteries, awaken to the daily features of every day that are here for you.

Transition Anticipation

Transition anticipation takes place in every season of life and in every ending that longs for a new beginning.

February Anticipation

Seeing the miracles that lie under the cloak of February’s many changes opens the doors of perception that allow us to see with new uncloaked eyes.

February Favors

Can you bring forth something you hope for and forgive something you regret? Can you find favor with what you have held in disfavor?

February Flow

Might the month of February be the shortest month because it’s the month that teaches the most in a form that’s condensed?

Add More Love

I invite you to join with me in this conspiracy of love on a daily basis; to create the color of winter in your imagination with the color and textures of Love

Reverence for Life?

Are you willing to boldly venture out into the cold, beyond your comfort zone to experience a new reverence, awe and aliveness; a new comfort zone?