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Have you ever wanted to escape to a place where you could order a cup of coffee, a glass of water, and a new life?

Michael Wyman has.

Mystic Travelers: Awakening

Disillusioned and in search of something unknown, he finds himself at a cafe on a deserted road in the north woods of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula at three o’clock in the morning. There, he encounters Angelina, the most beautiful woman he’s ever met. She takes his order and introduces him to a whole new way of life. But what he doesn’t know about Angelina could hurt him. She’s the spousal partner of a missing Nobel Prize laureate, William C. Fischer-Michael’s longtime friend and associate. This chance meeting is more than either of them could have imagined. They embark on a twenty-fi rst-century psychological adventure that draws them, and those closest to them, into an intriguing investigation of awareness and self-discovery that uncovers a personal and global crisis concerning life, death, new life, and a common destiny. Inevitably the intricately woven mysteries of interconnected lives, unexpected entanglements, and what has been called the perennial philosophy asks: Who are you? What do you want? Why are you here?

“Mystic Travelers: Awakening leads the reader’s imagination out of darkness into the light of infinite possibilities. It presents a timely vision of a new world transformed by the power and mystery of Love. It contains the deep insights and spiritual truths which Father Rick Meyers has accumulated in a lifetime of working as a Priest and Transpersonal Psychotherapist – a lifetime of prayerful contemplation, meditation, and selfless service to all sentient and insentient beings. It is a must read for anyone on a spiritual path.”

Doshin Michael Nelson, Roshi
Founder of Integral Zen, Inc. | Order of Hollow Bones

“Mystic Travelers: Awakening is a book that continues to resonate within one’s soul. This beautiful, sensitive novel provides a broad and comprehensive vision for the future which transcends the barriers of traditional religious beliefs. It envisions new possibilities for humans in shedding fear and anger as we connect with the divine within. It belongs to the rich, sacred heritage of thought by helping us remember who we really are and who we can be. It’s wonderfully hopeful and highly recommended.”

Deborah Saxon
Ph.D. Theology, University of Denver

“F. W. Rick Meyers has written a wonderful novel. It’s pages of action and reflection seem to turn themselves. He sets good scenes. The action is sharp and clear. His characters are his friends and he enjoys telling their multi-dimensional stories. The story is alive and it’s not over. I look forward to what happens next.”

The Reverend Dr. Jerome W. Berryman
Senior Fellow – Center for the Theology of Chlldhood
“F. W. Rick Meyers has crafted an engaging spiritual/science fiction allegory that offers excitement, subtle turnings, and narrative twists. Mystic Travelers: Awakening poses a leap in evolution, a sudden breakthrough of both science and consciousness. Many of the lessons and teachings will be welcome to a broad audience.”

Jamie LaRue
Director – Office for Intellectual Freedom
American Library Association