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March Mysteries

Mar 6, 2019 | Awakening | 2 comments

Yesterday March was playing in the sun, turning snow into mud and laughing with the river on it’s endless journey to the sea. Today she’s shedding tears of joy that wet the soil and help us know how tears and laughter go together. We’re in a variety show that’s being created by the angels of Spring. What will tomorrow bring? What songs will they sing? What mysteries will we experience in this magical mystical month of March? Is this Winter or Spring? The answer we receive is always Yes!  It’s March.  

March as a tomboy is so wonderfully appropriate. When I was a  youngster I had a tomboy friend. She had mischievous smiles, tousled hair and a mysterious sense of wonder. We played tag, marbles, climbed trees and reveled in everything ordinary. Of course, we were finally tamed by our culture to ‘grow up’ and so we did, sort of. I continue to wonder about the angels that live in us and the need to honor them. March helps us remember these mysteries as we embrace the many opposites in every day.

As I look over this calendar month, I’m seeing lots of opposites. Mardi Gras is a no holds barred celebration of physicality while Lent is a time of reflection, penitence and spirituality. Daylight savings time arrives along with another full moon and solstice to mark Nature’s ongoing creativity. College students follow basketball tournaments called March Madness with endless revelry. Trees bud, flowers grow, endings become beginnings while most of us miss the show and forget to go with Nature’s flow.  

Buried in our day to day cruising and bruising we miss what’s happening in plain sight. We march to the beat of the clock while forgetting we don’t have to fight. Isn’t life to be savored in ways that help us see the beauty of our days? Isn’t the mystery of Life something worth exploring beyond the fog and the haze? To see Springtime as the land of awakening helps us look deeply within; to sit by the rivers, the waterfalls, the gardens helps us begin. Mother Nature awakens as she calmly cradles with power.  

As we journey through this month of mysteries, awaken to the daily features of every day that are here for you. Sit with the rain, the snow, the wind, the sun, the moon and the stars. Become aware of the awakening that’s taking place in all of Nature’s habitat. Rather than taking ‘power‘ walks and runs, take ‘reflective‘ walks that allow you to be with Nature rather than just passing through. Notice the buds awakening on the trees and the smell of fresh flowers in the breeze. Let the angels of Spring sing to you. . . .    

  • Allow a new view to appear within you about the month of March. See each day as a gift of Life that’s being expressed for the greater good. Note too how we humans influence the weather, the seasons, the ability of Nature to be in harmony and not. . . .
  • When the wind blows, the rain pours, the snow flies, the sun shines, the calm soothes; give thanks for the mysteries that bring forth Life abundantly. Commit to being a better steward of Nature’s mysteries in whatever way you can. Give thanks and honor our Earthly Home in thought, word and action. . . . Learn to laugh with the wind. . . .
  • Spend more time this month outdoors, beyond the boundaries of your normal habitat which could be in your own back yard. Notice the buds on the trees as they open and expand. Be aware of what magically erupts from the ground once the snow melts. Become more aware of the birds, the insects, the sights and sounds as Winter turns to Spring out there and inside you. What new awareness is this eternal moment awakening in you? What’s springing forth from within to create something new?



  1. Lynda Huffman

    I just “discovered” you yesterday, and I am so glad I did! I am printing this to keep and read, again and again. Thank you! (By the way, my great-great grandfather was Frederick Myers)

  2. F. W. Rick Meyers

    Thanks Lynda for your discovery and your comments……What a gift it is to be a part of the emerging conscious paradigm of giving as receiving…….Also, how wonderful to share a name with your grandfather……

    Blessings All Ways and let’s keep the fires burning for all those looking for warmth and light…….



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