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All that IS, is a product of the One First Cause, Divine Principle, Life Force, Infinite Source, God. It includes you and everything you see and don’t see, manifest and don’t manifest. It includes every thought, word, and deed for better and worse. In this creation we have been given Choice. We have been gifted with a direct connection with the Life Source to receive and resist the Prime directives for ourselves and all of creation.

We can founder in fear, resistance, ignorance, violence, limitation, and any other of the non progressive structures of thought and we can flourish in common union with all of creation. We humans have an unlimited array of choices for good and evil, fear and love, progression and regression. We, through our programming, can oscillate from joy to anger in a moment. The choice is ours even if we don’t know it and own it.

We can transcend fear and violence as well as embrace love and peace at will. We can choose to grow beyond the whims of our rebellious ego and evolve beyond even the most regressive behaviors in ourselves and others. We can grow stage by stage into Cosmic Consciousness that will take us beyond our apparent limitations, excuses, and destructive behavior. We can learn from our mis-takes and progress to higher levels.

To recognize that all people, places, situations, and things are at different stages of progression is to take a significant step in moving beyond the stage of development you’re in. With this recognition comes empowerment and courage to permit the most base thought while bringing compassion and forgiveness to the moment. To forgive self and others for not really ‘knowing’ what we/they are doing is significant progress.

How many times have you found yourself criticizing another for the same things you think and do? How many times have you condemned yourself with guilt and shame as well as another? How often do you suffer from fear and punish yourself or others due to your anxiety? On the other side of the divide, how often have your forgiven yourself or another, accepted the behavior, and registered it as a mis-take in thought and action?

David R. Hawkins M.D., Ph.D., in his ground breaking book Power Vs. Force produced a Map of the Scale of Consciousness after a twenty five year research project. He maps thought and behavior showing the progressive nature of human consciousness. He confirms what mystics and spiritual masters have known for millennia. The upward call of progressive consciousness begins with the feasibility of us being co-creators. We are affirmed, encouraged, and empowered to become partners in the Divine unfolding within and without. In this way We are God creating, progressing, and uniting. Hmm. How does this resonate with you? How does this help you live into your True Nature?

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