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After decades of being on a set schedule and finally getting off the ‘wheel of fortune,’ I’ve once again become aware of my inner rhythm. This awareness has led to a greater sensitivity to who I truly am and who I’m not. It’s showing me the thoughts and actions that bring good feelings and the ones that don’t. It’s helping me see how much of myself I’ve given away for the sake of ‘being acceptable’ and at the expense of joyful abundance.

If rhythm truly is our universal mother tongue then we’re seemingly ignoring it. If it really is the language of the soul, how soulful do you feel in any given day? When was the last time you got up in the middle of a song you were listening to and danced? How often do you recognize the rhythm of your breathing, of your heartbeat, of the energy you’re giving and receiving? How much attention do give to your mood swings, your repressed feelings, your joyful celebrations?

I’ve heard it said that the same stream of Life that runs through our bodies night and day runs through the world and dances in rhythmic measures. It pulses in joy through the soils of the earth in countless forests and plains and turns into amazing waves of leaves and flowers. This rhythm of life is Life itself and we’re all apart of it. Stop here for a moment and sit with this thought. Feel the rhythm and wonder of it. Open yourself to it. Be receptive to Life’s flow . . .   

What’s happening? Are you hearing inner voices saying this is a waste of time? Are you getting nervous that you might actually feel so good that you’ll not get back to what you were doing that was cutting you off from your Inner Being? With each breath and heartbeat you are in a rhythmic pattern of being and doing. Mostly we’re unconscious of it. We’re distracted by our cultural conditioning; our habitual patters that become beliefs and stunt our growth.

Suspend your habitual patterns and open yourself to the possibilities that touch your heart’s desires. Awaken to the inner rhythms that you intuitively knew from before you were born. Remember the joy of your inner dance as well as the rhythm of a universe that embraces infinitely. Feel the resonant harmonies that you’ve repressed far too long and come to know the meaning of life as Life itself in rhythm with every moment.  Become a flow-er within it . . .

I recently read that the earth’s magnetic resonances vibrate at the same frequencies as our heart rhythms and brain waves. Is it then any wonder why we long for the natural environments beyond the scattered energies of our cities and electronic devices? Is it any wonder that we feel so disconnected, harried, anxious, fearful, and discombobulated? We are billion year old star dust and our inner gardens need nurturing. It’s all here flowing in, around and through us.

Does this touch anything in the depths of your soul? Is there any resonance or receptivity to what’s being given and received here?  So many people I experience feel disconnected, out of sorts, angry, frustrated, stuck and unfulfilled. Feeling bad is a sign that you’re out of alignment with your inner Being, with your Essence. It’s a message to come home to the Who that’s truly you.It’s a signal to find your inner rhythm and start enjoying life again. Isn’t this what you want?

Ask, receive, believe and achieve the life you’ve dreamed of. Awaken to the rhythms of your wise, loving, joyful Inner Being. Realign with your optimistic, inspiring, soulful rhythm and let it move you to dance into the magnificence of a New Life. Feel it drawing you into aliveness . . .

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