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Most of us see ourselves as isolated individual persons connected only to a few other isolated individualized persons. We identify so completely with the physical reality of separate objective form that we believe this to be the way life is. What if this were not true? What if we are actually both physical and non physical realities with the non physical being the greatest part of who we really are? What difference would this make? How might this change your perspective?

Here’s a biological fact that holds the secret to all relationships: “If you place two living heart cells from different people in a Petrie dish, they will in time find and maintain a third common heart beat.” This is cellular proof that beyond our uninformed beliefs and resistance, there is in the very nature of life some essential interconnecting force. We could say that this inherent ability to find and enliven a common beat is the miracle of Life; the energy of Love.

Awhile back when I was participating in weekly community rituals I used a technique with others to awaken this awareness experientially. At the end of a ceremony we would hold hands in a circle for a period of time. The participants were directed to relax, close their eyes, breathe and become aware of the silent pulse coursing through them by focusing on the pulse in their hands. Invariably the heartbeats would synchronize to become one within a minute or two.

This force, common beat, pulse of life is the energy beneath compassion, curiosity, creativity and all there is. It’s the field of the Source, Life, which many call God. We’ve been created in this image of interconnectivity, oneness and quantum entanglement. It’s what draws us together and sustains life. In it’s absence is a void. We are created in relation to one another and all life. To have it any other way is to short circuit the process of Love and interconnectivity.

As I awaken to this awareness, I’m shocked at how many of our institutions have bent, stapled, folded and ignored this deep understanding of our unity in diversity. Instead of fostering harmony and collaborative engagement, we’ve created systems that foster exploitation. Instead of respecting the dignity of every living being we’ve disrespected and objectified them. Hearts beating in unison bring strength, peace, and prosperity. Herein lies alignment with inner Being.

From this perspective, spirituality can’t be divided into compartments. It can’t be segmented into fabricated places and spaces for prayer, study, service, work, play, family or any other fragmented and so called separate activities. Spirituality is a deep connection to Source, the Essence of being and doing. It’s the very pulse, heartbeat of Life. How we live in alignment with this Inner reality creates who and what we are as co-creators.  Are you receptive to this?

Pretending that we’re strangers and denying what we knew from before we were born is  counter productive as is suppressing our yearning and desire for ever expanding awareness. Unifying our lives together with the flowing stream of Life and honoring our True Selves wherever we are is to awaken from all false assumptions and fabricated separations.

Workplace Spirituality is about living into your inspirations, imaginations and illuminations. It has no boundaries. It’s wherever you are, wherever you’re breathing and experiencing the heartbeat, the silent pulse of Life. It’s a conscious awareness of your interconnectivity. It’s purposeful action in alignment with the Source. It’s remembering who you really are and receiving the fruits of your birthing. It’s about feeling really good about yourself and living into it.

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