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Winter Daze

Jan 29, 2020 | Awakening | 0 comments

In the 1975 edition of Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary, the word ‘daze’ is defined as “1: to stupefy esp. by a blow: stun 2: to dazzle with light” and the word ‘dazzle’ as “1: to overpower with light 2: to impress deeply or confound with brilliance and, to arouse admiration by an impressive display.” How often are you dazzled and dazed by the wonder of winter as well as the wonder of every season of the year and every season of soul? I find myself completely mystified at times by the glory and wonder of creation and  confounded with admiration at the impressive display of Nature’s wisdom and glory.

Sitting in this last week of January looking into the long days of February prompts me to pause, to reflect on the infinite nature of time. With Emerson, my heart is beginning to see each day as the best day of the year, that each moment is a moment of grace and every breath helps me set the pace. I’m beginning to recognize that time is infinite and our bodies are not; that each day is the same and different causing me to stop, look, listen, learn, love and enlighten up in ways didn’t in my earlier years. There’s a sense of calling to awaken to the moments, to everything happening in the eternal now. 

What if the past, present and future are all here in this moment? What if this three dimensional  world is part of a multidimensional universe where everything is happening in the eternal now and time is infinite, eternal and nonlinear? What if every day truly is the best day of the year because it’s here, now and present with wholeness, oneness, unity, connectedness and infinite possibilities? What if tomorrow never comes because everyday is today? What if there’s everything to live for and nothing to regret; everything to celebrate and nothing to mourn; no death, only life transforming and transcending? How would this perspective change the way you spend your daze?

I know this all sounds very woo woo and off the edge of contemporary thought, but as you step further into the moments of life, isn’t there a shimmer of light that catches your eye, your heart, your imagination? Aren’t there times when you find yourself wondering if there’s more to life than what you’re experiencing; a dimension that calls to you in your dreams and the imaginations of your soul? What would it take to ‘write on your heart that every day is the best day of the year,’ to be dazzled and dazed by this day?

From our sixth century saint, Brigit of Kildare, there comes a call to adventure into the mysteries of Life because there’s a wild goose swimming in our pool, flying in our space, silently honking in our face telling us to wake up and open to new possibilities. There’s a threshold crossing here inviting new intent, new eyes and new hearts that we might become the enlightened body of the Cosmic Christ soulfully walking in the ways of Love and Light. Be still and know the Infinite Presence; the Loving, Joyful, Peaceful, Enlightening Presence. Open your heart.  Be still and know, in your not knowing….

  • Today and everyday, open your day to do nothing and be everything. Be still in the silence of the day. Literally and metaphorically listen to the wild goose honking, beckoning you to awaken to the wonder of this moment and travel across the water of your divided self. Simply become aware of your breathing and your beating heart….
  • Ponder the possibilities of making this day and every day the best day of the year. It’s a job that takes place from the inside out. Go in, begin, go deep. Quiet your mind….
  • Allow yourself, Self, to be grateful today. Gratefulness is where it all begins. Are you smiling yet? Come on, smile on……It’s who you truly are. . . . Hmm. . . .Go slowly!



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