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The more we wake up to who we really are, the more important it is to know what our destiny is, what we came here to accomplish, learn, contribute. Would you agree? When did you awaken to the ultimate questions of Why and Who, What for and for What, How to do What to do? When did you become aware of the beyond that’s always here? When did you awaken to become more than you appear to be?

When I attended undergraduate school decades ago, I didn’t have the awareness to ask the question of why I was here on earth. What kind of question was that? Then the Vietnam war escalated, I got drafted, got a medical deferment, and watched as my peers came home in body bags. I watched as the world I knew darkened day by day. I stood in my not knowing, began to rage against the storm and continued to learn.

One summer day as I walked home from a graduate seminar on ‘A New Paradigm for Education’, I was stopped in my tracks with a ‘light bulb’ experience. A voice within said clearly; “It‘s all about expanding consciousness.” I’d never had that thought before. All my psychological training had been within the rigid behavioral model. Consciousness was a brand new concept for me. My life trajectory changed in that moment.

Anne Morrow Lindbergh says “When one is out of touch with oneself one cannot touch others.” That was true for me then and it’s still true now. I’ve spent a lifetime getting in touch with my many divided selves, which make up my personality, and also my True Self which is undivided and connected to the essence of Life. We were all taught that what we needed came from outside ourselves, from ‘them’. No, it comes from within us.

As I look at life with a new awareness that keeps growing and expanding, I’m challenged to overcome the obstacles that are placed before me. How about you? Are you still growing, changing, and rearranging, overcoming obstacles and becoming more of the Who that is You? Are you aware of Why you’re here on earth, what your unique destiny or purpose is? What inspires you? What feels unaccomplished within you?

I’m not talking about getting motivated. That’s just another ploy of the ego that comes from scarcity, fear, and competition. I’m talking about inspiration, which comes from soul, abundance, love, and compassion. Inspiritus, Latin for breathing in and out, for taking in something that is at the very essence of humanness. It’s the infusing energy of love from which you’ve come and to which you will return. Remember?

What are you teaching when you’re not speaking? What’s your awareness of how you want to be in this world when you’re stilling? What does this moment ask of you? What inspires you to be inspiring? Gandhi said, “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” Sit with this and look within. Why are you here on earth?

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