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Wholeness and Consumerism

Jun 27, 2018 | Wholeness | 0 comments

We’re presently living in a time of extreme polarization, conflict, alienation and shadow projection. Rather than engaging the oldest, most neutralizing, healing and reconciling tool in our toolbox, deep listening, we’re turning a deaf ear to our Belonging and listening only to the reactionary rhetoric of the way things ‘should’ be. We’re buying into a consumerism that holds up the latest shiny objects, the coolest distractions, the most divisive promises and the least viable solutions. We’re fragmented consumers.

Does this sound harsh? Are you taking offense? Do you deny the credit card mentality that seems to have devoured our so called ‘common sense?‘ Are you living in a reality that denies climate change, racism, misogyny, sexism, scapegoating, fragmentation, deceit and denying the darkness that has overcome our institutions and systems? Where’s the wholeness which embraces brokenness as an integral part of life? Where’s our compassion for the the poor, sick, hungry and least of our fellow sojourners?

Beyond this externalization, isn’t our true desire to be and belong rather than to have and possess? Aren’t we divine creatures in potential with a true purpose to unfold our wholeness, become who we truly are and what we can ultimately be? Aren’t we all part of ever enlarging circles of wholeness yet to be known? Don’t we all belong to the cosmos, the Wholeness of Life, to this moment, this breath, this fragile earth, to one another? Isn’t our awakening found within rather than in the blings of external fortune?

Listening creates sanctuary for ourselves and others. Listening offers attention and a home for that which is ordinarily denied, devalued and unloved by ourselves and others. It allows the hidden to be discovered and the darkness to be enlightened. It opens new possibilities and potentialities for deeper understandings, meaning and revelations. It satisfies the hungry heart like no inanimate thing can. Listening heals the hidden inner wounds which free our prisoners and crippled ones for meaning, purpose and mystery.

All this comes from the simple act of listening to the horizon of our Belonging. It allows us to walk in beauty, to acknowledge every aspect of the Self that lives in us and the whole of creation. It’s the essential awareness of our interconnectivity, our unity, collaboration and cooperation that brings forth innate Wholeness to every person, place, situation and thing in the cosmos. As we breathe and drink deeply from this sanctuary of Presence, the need for more ‘things’ decreases. Wholeness becomes the thing.

What’s intriguing here is when we feel Whole; people, places, situations and things come to enhance our Wholeness. On the other hand, when we feel broken; people, places, situations and things come to enhance our brokenness. The wonder of this is that enhancing our Wholeness doesn’t require us to buy anything, to identify with any shiny object we think will heal our brokenness. The healing is in returning to the inner remembrance of our innate wholeness, integral inclusiveness, depth of belonging.

Wholeness is said by many to be the key to aliveness beyond physical vitality. It’s an inner radiance that comes from being united with your Self and your experiences. It’s the sense that the energy of Life is flowing through you. Do you know this feeling, this experience? When was the last time you experienced flow in your living, loving, learning, laughing, lightening up moments? What pulls you away from this, shuts you down and deafens you to this inner calling? Is it anxiety, fear, a lack of love?

We must remember what Carl Jung taught us: “There is no light without shadow, and no psychic wholeness without imperfection.” What this means, in our quest for wholeness, is that we must own the darkness and imperfections within that we hide, repress and deny. This liberates us to see and hear the darkness within, catch our projections and begin our healing toward wholeness. It’s transcending all these hidden parts while also including, loving and healing them to create a new integrated Self. It’s the journey of a lifetime that begins here and now. It’s the move from fragmentation to Wholeness.

  • As you make your way through your days, become conscious of your consumer habits and your wholeness habits. How much do you really need that new toy, piece of clothing, jewelry, electronic device, book, furniture, et cetera? Reflect on what part of your self the ‘thing’ is unconsciously filling in your life and what wound it points to.
  • Today and everyday, practice the art of deep listening to the inner promptings of your True Self, Soul Self, Loving Self, Stilling Self. Be Still and Know the inner Depths of your Being and feel the interconnectivity with the Wholeness of the Great Creating.
  • In your Stilling practice, consciously connect with Nature in all her glory, beauty, magnificence and awesomeness. Take leisurely walks outdoors for the experience of Wholeness. Feel the earth under your feet, the sun on your body, the breeze in your hair. Listen to the leaves rustling in the breeze and feel the raindrops on your face and the grace of this wonder-filled embrace. . . .
  • Notice your judgements, criticisms, anxieties, prejudices and cravings. Awaken to your despair, blame, inflation and take note of how you project these ‘imperfections’ onto other people, places, situations and things. As you take note, begin to withdraw these projections from others and own them as parts of yourself. Be kind to yourself as you transcend them, include them, understand them and heal them. To be clear, in the grand scheme of awakening and awareness, Wholeness begins here. . . .


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