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Has anyone ever asked, “What do you do?” What might happen if you’d reply, “I’m an artist.”? I know, you probably don’t think of yourself as an artist and if so, where did your artist go? Where did that playful, imaginative, creative person go who at the age of four, five and six absolutely knew that you were an artist? “Every child is a musical instrument, an artist.” insisted Rudolf Steiner, founder of the Waldorf schools. Hmm?

No matter who we’ve been conditioned to be, it seems important to think of ourselves as creative artists; to remember our inner child’s openness, bravery and lack of concern for others opinions. Isn’t it part of our own life’s journey to be in a process of self-discovery and Self actualization? Isn’t it possible to go deep within, reconnect with your lost or banished artist and live a more alive and authentic life? What would it cost you?

As I’ve reflected over my many decades of life I’ve reconnected with the innocence and vitality of my inner child. I’ve also had to cradle him in the hurt, rejection, pain and suffering of his abandonment. Over time I’ve been able to give companionship and new life to him but we still live in a culture where ‘child-likeness’ is frowned upon while terminal adulthood and childishness is smiled at, accepted and even condoned.

It’s been said many times that the greatest Art is the Art of Life. As we take this to heart we begin to see how important it is to be an artist; how we’re called to live into an ongoing creativity and aliveness beyond the predictable and conventional. Imagine creating your own map for self-discovery. Imagine lovingly reconnecting with life in joyful celebration beyond the known. Imagine the beauty and curiosity of every new day.

Each one of us has a host of secret selves hidden away inside us that were deemed unacceptable by our parents, teachers, peers, clergy, employers and others. We have now become those terminal adults who continue to cast out the artists we once were and can be again. Where is your artist? Where is that singer, dancer, painter, writer, designer, creator and joyful investigator of the mysteries you once knew? Here within….

Each of these lost parts is still important and vital to your wholeness. Each is to be honored, respected and reconnected with so the creative genius that was hidden, repressed and denied can be fully integrated back into your life. Can you imagine how much more alive you would be if you were living the creative path of your inner artist? Can you imagine the wonder and joy of each day being a new creation and adventure?

My intention here is to encourage and inspire you to rediscover and embrace your  lost artist. Sit for awhile and invite the inner conversation. Hold, cradle, sing and playfully nurture your artist. Reawaken the love, beauty and creativity within. Know this essential part of yourself. Give thanks, and become more of the Who, that’s Truly You.

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