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Where Is Home?

Apr 24, 2017 | Heart | 0 comments

You might have noticed if you’ve followed these blogs, read my novel or heard me speak that I like to play with words. It might be I was born this way or was raised around talkative people or that I had to study English, Latin, Greek and Hebrew to enter the profession I chose. I like knowing where certain words come from so they can be re-connected with and original meanings discovered beyond the modern renditions. For me it’s about deepening, understanding and expanding consciousness.

The word ‘economy’ is one I’ve been playing with for decades. When you hear this word used by another or by yourself what immediately comes to mind? What does it point to and what does it mean to you? When someone says they’re an economist or are studying economics what immediately comes to mind? What’s the common theme that runs through this word, the common usage, the common understanding? If you’ve guessed ‘money’ you’re on the same page as most modern day people.

The primary document I’m using for what comes next is the 1975 Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary which originated in 1898 and was updated through 1973. It holds the language together with references to the original meanings in ways that more recent updates don’t. Let’s look at what it says about ‘economy.’ From the Greek oikos, house plus nemein, to manage. 1 archaic: the management of a household or private affairs 2 a: thrifty and efficient use of material resources b: efficient and concise use of nonmaterial resources(as effort, language, or motion) for the end proposed 3: the arrangement or mode of the operation of something.

Now let’s look at the word ‘ecology.’ From the Greek oikos, house, household, habitat or environment plus logie, the study of. 1: a branch of science concerned with the interrelationship of organisms and their environments. 2: the totality or pattern of relations between organisms and their environment. And one final word that you may or may not be familiar with, ‘ecumenical.’ From the Greek oikoumene, the whole inhabited world, to inhabit, oikos, house, home. 1: worldwide or general in extent, influence or application 2 a : of, relating to, or representing the whole community b: promoting or tending toward worldwide unity and cooperation.

Where are we going with this you might ask. Hmm. Good question. You’re still here and wondering what any of this has to do with you. Thanks for hanging in…….The salient question for all of us at a deep psychological and spiritual level is “Where Is Home?” In today’s many upheavals, disconnections, and ongoing identity crises it’s The question that needs to be answered by every heart and soul. Where’s Home for you? Most will give a country, an ethnic origin, a group or some other external space or place.

For me the ultimate answer lies within. My answer is always: “Home is where my heart  is.” Some then ask: “Where’s that?” As they do I place my hands over my heart and say, “Right here, wherever I Am.” For me this takes in the whole household of creation, the whole economy, ecology and source of Being, Belonging and Becoming. It’s way beyond the narrow confines we use to separate and divide ourselves from one other. It’s a transpersonal, trans-rational, multi-sensory  and integral answer that can help us consciously weave the Web of Life back together. Do you feel the resonance here?

I’m not denying any of the other origins of what we call Home. What I am doing is including them while also transcending them. As Human/Divine Beings we seem to have lost our memories. We seem to have forgotten where we were before our mothers were born; believing in the seen and unseen, the visible and invisible, the known and the unknown. From this space All is One, All is Interconnected, All is an Integral part of the Cosmos. Can you sense us all coming from One Source of Life? How willing are you to awaken to the knowing that In Nature’s economy the currency is not money but LIFE in abundance. Where’s Home for You? How connected are you?

  • Sit deeply in the quiet of your Heart space and ask: Where’s Home for me? See what bubbles up and expand it until you feel your heart smiling and your soul connecting.
  • As you go about your business, focus on remembering who you truly are beyond all the external circumstances. Play with remaining within your heart/soul space while going out. Notice how the externals pull you out from within, smile and return Home.
  • Further along in this journey begin to question: Where was I before my mother was born? Sense the resistance to the question and open your heart to listen deeply. The answer may come as a feeling, an image, a wonderment, another question. Stay with it until you feel something settle within. Sense the mystery of it and keep it on the shelf for further enlightenment……….Love never ends………..


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