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Have you ever experienced the essence of your being as sound, vibration, melody and harmony? How many times have you been aware of rhythmic stimulation from sound and other vibrations influencing your consciousness? What experiences of music have you had that stirred your soul and gave flight to your imagination? Whose music has helped you touch your deepest connections with life and being? What’s this saying to you about who you are?

I received the gift of being raised by a mother who was an accomplished musician. She played classical piano and a three manual pipe organ with full foot peddles. At the age of twelve she became a Church musician and lived in that reality into her seventies. It was the one place in her life where she transcended her inner turmoil and expressed her divinity. It was the space where she received and gave grace, blessing and renewal. It took me decades to know this.

In the past hundred years we’ve come to know through quantum physics that matter is energy vibrating at low level frequencies. We’ve also come to know that everything in the universe is interconnected through these vibrations and frequencies. This means that we not only hear with our ears and feel with our hearts but that we receive and send messages from the totality of our being even when we’re not conscious of it. We have abilities we’re not aware of.

This makes it extremely important for us all to become aware of the frequencies and vibrations we’re receiving and sending. To put it the language of Hal A. Lingerman, “The more we cultivate great music in our lives, the greater will be our attunement to unlimited sources of the Creator’s power and direction.” The music he’s speaking of is both known and unknown because the range of our physical hearing is limited. We however have unawakened potentialities in Spirit.

I was in my mid twenties when I finally heard the sound of silence, the sound behind the sounds that are unconscious to us for the most part. Imagine your whole body being a transformer and transceiver: energy continually radiating in and out. Have you ever walked into a place where you felt a welcoming energy? Have you had the opposite experience where you felt a dark heavy repelling energy from a person, place or situation? How much attention did you give it?

What I’m emphasizing here is our ability to give attention to that which lies outside the range of our awareness. Some would call it intuition which points to an energy beyond the five senses. I’m pointing to that which is within and beyond the five senses because we actually have these abilities. We can cultivate them with practice because everything has frequency and vibration. Where we put our attention is transformational. Remember to remember and engage this.

To ask ‘What’s your rhythm, your music?‘ is a real question. I have a hundred stations on Pandora radio and they range from Rock n Roll to Baroque, Ambient, Jazz, Soul, R&B, Fusion, Chant, Folk, Hammock, Liquid Mind, Space, New Age, A Capella and the list goes on. What I find is that there’s a vibration for every activity. When I write I want access to the more subtle and causal vibrations so I go to Alpha frequency music which models a pre-meditative state. When I want to dance and act I seek the Gamma frequency for whole body/mind engagement.

I invite you to experiment daily with your rhythms, melodies, harmonies and frequencies. Give attention to the vibes you let out and in. Allow your soul to sing, dance and fly again . . .

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