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Many of us have spent a lifetime thinking we were serving ourselves and others when we were really serving the status quo. We played small, said and did things that allowed us to stay safe, play nice and not rock the boat. In doing so, we denied our True Self, our genius, our divine artist, our unique gifts. We allowed our false self to take over and keep us stuck. We settled for less just because. We learned to hide, repress, and deny our magnificence and now, we’re finally waking up to the Gift we truly are.

How do we move from where we’ve been to where we want and need to go? What’s missing in your life and how do you keep it out? Think back to when you were a little girl or boy. Go as far back as you can to remember the glorious, uninhibited, playful, curious, and creative you. Remember the freedom you knew, the possibilities that lay before you, the challenges that were easy to overcome, the dreams you lived, and the courage you had. What happened to that Natural Glorious Self? Isn’t s/he still here?

What insights are you having about the Who that is You, the roads less traveled, and the roads yet to travel? How are you accessing your mature enthusiasm for the next stage of your evolutionary trajectory, planning for the next great challenge, and investing in your magnificent one of a kind Self? What are the unfulfilled dreams for yourself and others whose lives you want to touch? What are you giving up on that your True Self is urging you to step forward into? What’s at risk for you to live into the new?

For me, it’s about taking a lifetime of institutional service and turning it into an interdependent quest to “Change the World One Conversation at a Time.” I’m reconfiguring forty five years of involvement as a cleric, counselor, psychotherapist, community organizer, trainer, executive director, manager, husband, father, writer, speaker, listener, teacher and student to help people discover their unfulfilled dreams and live into them for the greater good. I’m asking: “What brings life to life for you?”

I see everyone as a leader in process moving toward fulfillment. I can’t convince anyone of this but I can help you experience it and be inspired by it. We can all inspire the leaders within to enlighten lives because it always begins right here where we are. What are you up to? What’s unfinished in your life that you know you want and need to engage? What’s holding you back? What’s drawing you forward? What’s inspiring you?

Click below for a proposal I’m offering you as a subscriber. It‘s in celebration of my 69th birthday and will expire before I do. It’s a challenge to change your life in ways you long for. It’s personal. It’s about Becoming the Who that’s Really You. Dare to receive . . .

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