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Do you know what the ‘main thing is for you in this cycle of your life? Do you have a practice that you engage everyday that helps you become a better person, a better piano player, a better parent, a better student, a better writer, a better friend, a more loving, humble, compassionate, joyful and peaceful person? If so, how often do you engage it? What’s your discipline? How do you practice it and how long have you been at it? If not, are you still experimenting to find your main thing? What’s working and what’s not? Do you have any clues? What’s showing up?

I suspect you know full well that everything in your life is affected by where you focus your attention, your energy and the results you produce in your life are your responsibility. As you scan your day to day habitual patterns what are the primary attention getters? What are the daily activities that capture most of your time and attention? What’s your guidance system and what do you practice daily to expand, flex and strengthen your mental and emotional capacities, your physical and spiritual muscles? What kind of results are you getting? How are you feeling?

How aware are you of what this cycle of life is offering to expand and limit for you? How has the present main thing changed since your last transition? How are you keeping the main thing the main thing? If you don’t have a main thing how committed are you to finding it? What’s holding you back? What would propel you forward? What are you waiting for? What inner change needs or wants to happen for you to find this main thing and live fully into it? If you could wave a magic want and have it appear, what would it look like? What would if feel like? What’s stopping you?

Ola Kala, enough of this cognitive stuff. Let’s take an inner journey to help you discover the new energy your Inner Being wants to connect you with that you might be resisting. Close your eyes and open your heart. Sit up, back straight and relax. Put your attention on breathing in, receiving, and breathing out, releasing. After a couple of breathes relax your shoulders, get connected to your physical body. Easy does it. Feel the rhythm of your breath, the flow of the movement. Open, breathe in, breathe out. Open, receive, release. Open, let come, let go.

Stay with this while you place your hands on your chest over your heart. Gently let them rest there. You’ll feel your heart beating and your solar plexus rising and falling a bit. Stay with this for a few moments until you relax into this rhythm and flow that’s with you every moment of everyday with and without your awareness. Now from this centered space allow an image to appear of what you want most in this cycle of your life. It could be a next step, an end result, a process. something that’s a part of a greater whole or a lost dream you gave up.

Allow what appears to appear. Experience the feeling, the sensitivity, the energy of it. Continue to receive and release with your breathing, relax your neck and shoulders again and listen to your heart beat with no resistance. As you’re ready ask: “What’s the main thing for me at this time?” Sit in this space until you are complete, then slowly let the image go. Rest in this awareness. Keep breathing and attending to the heart and when it’s time, gently open your eyes. Slowly reorient your Self to the outer world and register your appreciation and gratitude.

Now take notes and journal concerning this inner journey into ‘Your Main Thing’. Easy does it.

I’m suspecting that a lot of you read through the above exercise and resisted doing it thinking you might come back to it sometime or that is wasn’t your thing or it wasn’t going to work for you or  or or………and if that’s the case, what’s your reluctance to engage pointing to about you? How honest can you get with yourself, with your resistance, with what you say you want and refuse to engage? For real . . .? And now you might be thinking, “Who is this guy to question me?” My answer is that I’m nobody. I’m a voice in the wind. I’m another part of you.

My hope is that you might see your many selves with greater clarity. In so doing, your True Self will be able to be experienced more profoundly by you. Through this awakening you’ll learn to love what’s here for you, the many possibilities that are yours; to live into the magnificence of the Who That’s Truly You. I’m seeing into your soul and knowing how amazing you are and how much you want to live into the co-creator you’ve always been and will be when you choose it again and again and again. Are you smiling yet? I am because I’m seeing your heart space.

I’m thinking it might just be time for us all to dance again and focus on the wonder, the beauty, the possibilities, the magnificence, the extraordinary nature of Who We All Are In Our Essence. Do you remember when life was a dance? It still is as we choose to create love, joy, peace and prosperity in the moment for ourselves and others. For those of you who don’t remember, the 60’s never ended, they just morphed and we’re all still on the trajectory that we knew then. It didn’t go away, we did and it’s time to get back to the garden. Where’s the garden? It’s here inside you and me. It’s here waiting to be cultivated again. It’s here to help set our souls free!

  • Take another few moments to reflect on the most glorious vision of life you ever had. Feel the energy of it. Allow it to touch your heart. It may bring smiles, tears, laughter and a sense of reconnecting with Inner Being to you in the moment. Embrace it. Awaken to the possibilities.
  • Allow this vision to inform you of your ‘main thing.‘ What might it be saying in a very positive energetic way to you about where you are and how you’re called to be in this cycle of life?
  • Go back to the guided meditation and take your time to walk through it again. I deeply believe there’s something here that each of us needs to embrace that has everything to do with New Being and the powerful affirming life giving energy that creates galaxies, suns, stars, and the planets in their courses………The New Age of Contrast is beginning and we’re still being called to infuse more love into the heart, mind and body of all humanity………Love and Peace.  Again and Again and Again. . . Namaste. . .  I SeeYou. . . Smiling Hearts Enlightening Up. . . 

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