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Over the past months and years I’ve been working and playing with the idea that I must change my inner focus and energy if I want to live a new life of aliveness. The problem with working and playing with an idea is that nothing comes of it except more ideas, both good and not so good. The reality of life is: If you want to accomplish anything, you have to act on it. Ideas are great when they lead to action. They’re simply distractions if we’re not willing to courageously act on them.

Metaphorically there’s an inner circle of commitment within each of us. When a thought gets inside that inner circle, action takes place until it’s complete. Without the inner commitment, there’s little to no action. How many times have you started an exercise program, diet, or any program to have it slip away without much resistance? The real resistance is in the change. What’s going on inside when you don’t honor your own commitments to yourself? Is the outside force of habit stronger than the inside resolve?

What I’ve come to know is that when the time is ripe, the fruit falls from the tree. What does this mean? When you’re done with something you simply drop it and move on. When you’ve had enough it either overwhelms you or you overwhelm it. This overwhelm is sometimes dramatic and at other times very subtle. The other day I had a conversation with an associate. With his permission I asked him a few probing questions about his fears. We did a visualization and tears indicated his internal shift.

The shift that took place for him was life changing. He saw his fear as an invisible barrier between himself and the peace that would free him. For the first time in his life he was able to simple walk through that invisible wall of fear into the field of peace and inner freedom. It wasn’t just a vision but a real inner experience. He is now able to return to that field of peace any time he needs to. A great thing began for him from the inside. He was committed to our process and the inner shift naturally occurred for him.

So much of the time we work on changing the outside. We change partners, jobs, clothes, neighborhoods, cities, and circumstances. We move the furniture rather than remodel the inside of the house. We don’t pay much attention to what’s going on inside because we were never taught how. There’s no blame here, just a light to turn you on to the amazing power within you. If great things always begin from inside, what are we doing spending so much time with the outside force? Be Still, Know, IAM, G*d, Within.

Psychotherapy, counseling, deep coaching, and spiritual guidance are methodologies that can direct you to the great things within. Self-observation, Self-remembering, meditation and contemplation also facilitate inner awareness, transformation, and commitment to action. Deep listening and following enable the necessary shifts. It can happen in a moment or take years. What’s going on inside you? Need some help?

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