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Another way of expressing the above quote is “Fear knocked at the door. Faith answered, and there was no one there.” Has this ever happened to you? How many times have you been afraid to take on a new project, enter a new relationship, change careers, or step into a bigger challenge? What was at risk for you and what helped you take the risk to step forward into and through the fear?

How long did you resist the invitation to grow beyond where you were? What finally shifted within that helped you make the choice of faith over fear? How did you learn to claim the greater good and release the anxiety? What was happening within you between the fear, the risk, and the decision to step forward and open the door? Did it have anything to do with the Benevolent Something many call God, Source, or Tao?

How do you perceive yourself; enough, not enough, just enough, way enough, or somewhat enough? Do you know that in a Quantum Universe, a Holographic Universe, you are always way enough because you are part of All there Is? The Holograph is the Whole which is greater than the sum of its parts, waves and particles, and each part contains the Whole. Do you get what this means for the Who that is really You?

It means the Who that is You and the Thee that is We are all significant parts of the Whole, empowered and designed as creators with the Great Creator. When we awaken to this reality everything changes. Fear can no longer overtake and stop us in our tracks. We, as part of the Whole can take heart, make choices, and engage the power of the Universe with discernment. We can consciously become part of the creative flow of Life knowing that all is well and will be well even when our small ego selves deem it not to be. How deeply can you sit in this? Are you feeling any resonance with it?

Take a long look at your life and identify the many transitions that have taken place. Notice the endings, in between spaces, and new beginnings. Notice also where there was fear and anxiety as well as faith and trust. Notice what happened when you chose doubt and despair and when you chose confidence and courage. Become aware of how your false ego self chooses the negative and your True Self chooses the positive.

The Who that is really You is your True, one of a kind, Authentic Self that is connected to the Source of Life, the Great Self. It’s also connected to every other one of a kind Self which creates the Thee that is We, the interconnectivity and participatory nature of Being. Therefore, risk is part of the creative process of the Great Creator and that makes risk part of us. What’s at risk then for you not to move through your fear? How about your freedom, magnificence, gifted service, unique genius? Hmm. . ? Really. . ?

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