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Our lives are filled with contradictions, mystery and paradox. Ordinarily we choose sides and fight for our dearly held positions which create separation, conflict and alienation. We see this everyday in our own lives and those of others. What if there’s a larger, more expansive frame of reference outside the conflict that can hold two opposites together as one? What if we saw paradox as something beyond our normal way of thinking, beyond our normal way of being?

Taking offense at someone else’s perspective is a sign that our bell is ringing, calling us to become aware of our emotional climate, our emotional environment. It’s an internal guidance system that helps us know we’re out of alignment with our True Self which is integrally connected to the ultimate Source of Being. The seeming contradiction is a challenge to grow, change and rearrange our inner sense of well-being and belonging to a more conscious level.

Contradictions are based on a set of assumptions and expectations which we learned along the way, usually in the first quarter of our lives between birth and age twenty two. The second quarter, between age twenty two and forty four we live out of these ‘beliefs’ and are also challenged to adjust them when they stop ringing true. As we’re connected with our emotional guidance system we continue our realignment and resistance to it. It’s an ongoing process.

When we choose to “lift our eyes from our treasured knowledge” when prompted by negative and positive emotions, we learn how to realign endlessly to the many course corrections that are called for on our journey of life. The reality of life is that we are all living paradoxes. No one or no thing is completely good or bad. We all live on a continuum of what is considered good and bad. Our mood swings demonstrate this as well as the ongoing global suffering and love.

When we adopt a modality of receptivity to this paradoxical continuum of life we can feel our way onto the path of realignment by noticing what resonates with our compassionate heart and appreciative mind. When we find our way to being all right with where we are, we’re in alignment. When there’s inner harmony, alignment and joy, even though there may be some fear, we know what’s ringing true in this moment. Our inner awareness becomes our guide.

Alignment with your highest Self can be a felt experience through the vibration of your Being. In this movement the condition you’re in is not the main event, the emotion is. You become aware of a new depth of perception that changes your believing, knowing and feeling. You’re willing to let go of your “treasured knowledge” to receive something more resonant with who you truly are. You’re consciously feeling your way into realignment with Being; with what rings True. 

  • Slightly open your mouth and begin to breath through it. Breathe in Ahh. Breathe out Hah . . . After a few minutes ask your inner Self: “What is this moment asking of me?” and “What is this moment reflecting to me?” Listen from your heart center and feel what’s ringing true for you.
  • Scan your life situation and look for feelings of misalignment. What might you being asked to let go of to allow yourself to receive more of? What in your receiving could you then give more of that would improve your journey and that of those around you? 

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