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Have you ever pondered what you trade for your paycheck? Have you recognized how much influence over your life you give those who employ you? When you say you don’t have a choice, aren’t you giving up your life, your soul, your creativity, your uniqueness, and an amazing amount of influence over your own destiny?

This week is what’s called Holy Week in the Western Christian Church. It’s a time set aside every year to change and rearrange your life, to be more reflective, less active, and to take yourself off the wheel of fortune you call your life. What would happen if you’d step off the pace for a few days this week to meditate, reflect on Life, get quiet, and clear your desk by simply walking away from it? What good might it be for you?

When we do our many everyday jobs, we mostly live on the surface of life. When we live on the surface there’s little freedom to let go of our anxieties. In this condition we become disconnected from our True Self and lose our center of gravity. We disconnect from our Essence, from the very source of Life. We then live unconsciously and mechanically. Do you experience this? Do you have a sense that you’re disconnected from that benevolent Something that lives deep inside you and everyone else?

Who are you? Where are you going? Why are you here? What’s the benefit to you and others of this everyday running around? How much time are you spending beneath the surface of your life? How connected are you with the Source, yourself, and others? Are you still trying to prove yourself? What do you gain by living a surface existence? Does it increase your creativity, inner peace, love, joy, and well-being?

Experiment with slowing up this week and see for yourself what might be being said to you from the inside out. Dive deeper into yourself and discover the Who that is really You. Can you get still enough for long enough to discover this? Can you get off the surface long enough to do some deep diving and discover the amazing untapped resources and magnificence that live within you? What does this moment ask of you?

What makes a Holy Week? Is it possible that in the depths of your soul you know? If so, be one of the billion people in our global village who unwrap the gift of awareness that’s being offered this week. Stop, look, listen, love, learn, laugh, and enlighten up. Slowly and consciously breathe. Discover the wonder of relaxing into the creativity of the Cosmic Creator. New Life is here waiting for you. Let come, let go, ask, receive, and give thanks all ways and everywhere. Slowly surrender to Love. It’s a brand new day!

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