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Note from Rick: The following song, Surrender to Love, from my album With The Eyes Of A Child, is the perfect musical accompaniment to today’s post.  Feel free to stream it using the embedded audio player below, and see the end of today’s post for more details on my album.  Enjoy!

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Where have you been this past month as you look into your inner and outer lives? I’ve been on a Self guided retreat and have been astonished at the difficulties I discovered in my many selves. The past nine blogs you’ve been reading here were done before I left on this solo adventure. I hope some of them have inspired you to grow beyond where you were a month ago. I have been so inspired.

As I look over the many news cycles that have appeared during the past month, it’s amazing to see the many tipping points that have happened and the lives that have been changed by violence, ignorance, grace, love, and forgiveness. Yes, all of this happens all the time and each of us is affected by it. In each situation however, we all have the choice to succumb to the anger, fear, disgust, and indifference or be inspired to move forward with greater resolve, love, forgiveness, and persistence.

How do you remain positive in the face of negativity? What do you do when you get down and depressed, want to quit and give up, drift into indifference and alienation?

Are you able to see and experience the joy of life at these times, embrace the beauty that lives in, around, and through you? What makes the difference for you when your life seems to be going nowhere and all you see is darkness? What gets you up in the morning with a resolve to be the amazing creation you are? How do you embrace life?

These and many other questions have been in the forefront of my consciousness these past weeks and I’ve struggled with them. Fortunately I’ve been able to overcome the dark clouds and face the eternal sunlight that radiates from within every circumstance. Fear has wanted to overtake, stop me in my tracks. Opposition’s been everywhere seeking to set me back. But compassion stood in strong and tall, shielding the attack. Loving Presence was eventually able to transform every act. I surrendered to Love . . .

Years ago I wrote, recorded, and performed a song called “Surrender to Love. I’d like you to listen to it here and see if it speaks to you. It comes from the depths of Source, IAM, the Cosmos, the interconnectedness we all share. It comes from the heart of hearts of every person who has ever lived. It’s what connects us in spite of all the conditioning and programming we’ve suffered through. It’s about freeing the Love that gets trampled, repressed, and violated. It’s about the choices we make for the good.

This is what I have for today. We, as a global community are on a new trajectory that seeks to create a more compassionate joyful world. I wish for you the best and know that as we keep surrendering to love, we will carve out a new path and leave a new trail, not of tears and sadness, but of laughter, joy, creativity, and love. What does this moment ask of you? Surrender to Love. . . Breathe it in. . . Lean into it. . . Let it be . . .

Rick PicIf you enjoyed the musical accompaniment to today’s post, you can buy the individual song, Surrender to Love, or the entire album, With The Eyes Of A Child, on  My favorite description of the album is: “Take the Eagles, Van Morrison, Clapton, the Beatles, Dotsero, Opey Gone Bad, Bob Marley, the Stones, U2, Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Ray Charles, throw them in a blender and get Rick. Classic Rock with a real message.”

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