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So much of what’s happening in the world today is about change. For many this creates tremendous anxiety and resistance. For others it creates potentialities and possibilities. If thoughts create things, it can be concluded that we create our own reality. Anxiety and resistance creates scarcity while seeing opportunities and possibilities creates abundance. What it takes to change is our thinking, letting go to let come.

I’m always surprised at how many people refuse to ask for guidance when they need it. It’s as if we’re children still trying to prove that we can be independent and stand on our own two feet. “I can do it all myself,” is the necessary expression for youngsters but the older we get, the more we need to know what works is interdependence, not independence or codependence. Do you ask for what you want and need? How?

Embracing change begins with a willingness to engage it. This means we’ll do what it takes to let go of the baggage that blocks our movement. Change is a spiral dynamic. When it seems like we’re moving forward we can be moving backward. The opposite is also true. Willingness allows us to ask for help, guidance, support, and companioning.

After willingly asking for help, we need to deeply listen for it: to receive it, take it in, sit with it, and meditate on it for a while. This is a sifting and sorting process not to be rushed. When in doubt, wait it out. Take your time, slow down, discern. This guidance  will come from within and without. It can be given through any medium. The key here is to be open and when there’s resistance, simply note it and let it go.

When you’ve listened deeply and a direction has been given, simply follow it. Allow yourself the freedom to progress one step at a time knowing that discernment, listening, and awareness is necessary every step of the way. The path is rarely straight. Course corrections are critical. Ongoing awareness and guidance from within and without are  necessary. This is an ongoing interactive process of discovery.

Sprinkled throughout your willingness to ask for guidance, listen for it, and follow it, is courage and regular communication with your inner and outer guidance systems. Trusting these systems allows you to feel more safe and experience a loving companion presence. Encouraged, you begin to realize you’re not alone and anything is possible.

Embracing change in todays world is imperative for creativity, innovation, and prosperity. Awakening to your inner and outer guidance systems requires a spiritual as well as psychological, emotional, and physical shift. It’s learning to embrace the Who that is You, the Source, the wellspring of Life that connects everything. Ask, listen, follow, discern, and be patient with yourself and others. Change is here to stay . . .

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