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*Note from Rick: Monday’s post will be a day late, to allow my web help to celebrate his birthday, which is on Monday.  Look for my next post in your inbox, on social media, or on the blog on Tuesday morning, February 14th!

There was a time when I thought I knew everything I needed to know to live a successful life here on planet Earth. Over the many decades of life however, I came to know how much I thought I knew kept me from further knowing. When I finally realized that what I knew was only a small grain of sand on an infinite cosmic beach I finally started growing and knowing in ways I couldn’t have otherwise. My discovery was that it’s only in our not knowing that we can begin to know. It’s only in our wanting to know more that we can.

This brings me to the question I have concerning what I’m doing here in the blogs I‘m writing. What I want to know is what you want to know. I write this blog to exercise my desire to inform you and give help where I can. I’m only guessing that my concerns are your concerns and for the most part, I don’t know this to be true. I sit at my desk hoping that I’m speaking to you out of your concerns but it’s an assumption and I no longer want to make it. What do you want to know that will help you become a more joyful you?

What are the questions you have about your life that are still puzzling you and causing concern? Why are you doing what you’re doing and what would you like to do differently but don’t know how or are afraid to ask? How does your being effect your doing and if you had someone to listen to your heartfelt concerns what would you say? There’s a teaching tenant from the Eastern traditions that says: ‘No questions, no answers.’ The teacher puts the student to the task of asking before any answer can possibly be given.

Ask and it is given. Seek and find. Knock and the door is opened for you. These directives are found in every deep intellectual and spiritual tradition on the planet. Over my many years of inquiry I’ve found them to be true when I truly wanted to know something even though at times I felt foolish in my inquiries. What about you? Are you still asking, seeking, knocking and are you satisfied with all you think you know? If you’re reading this blog you’re probably still wanting to know more. What do you want to know?

At the bottom of this post there are places you can ask questions, make comments, and inquire for clarification. When we started this project many years ago our intention for this blog was that it be a dialogue. It was to be a safe place where you could anonymously or personally engage. This rarely happens. It now seems that I’m writing for myself which is fine because it’s a great discipline and I’m learning a lot but What About You? What do you want to know? What specific subjects do you want covered here? What would be most helpful for you?

To be at ease with not knowing is the beginning of wisdom along with wonder so I’m asking you to be at ease with not knowing and wonder a bit more about yourself. In the not knowing there’s a sacred place upon which to put things. It’s the shelf for further enlightenment. I have thousands of thoughts, feelings, questions and curious wonderments on this shelf and so must you. Together we can explore, pull some things off the shelf and wonder together. Does this sound inviting? Would it be more helpful? What do you want to know? No questions, no answers….? No comments, no conversation………?  What do you say? ? ?


  • Open some quiet time today to reflect on these questions for yourself. How could you grow in ways that will be good for you by stepping into this conversation? What’s at risk for you?
  • How could this blog be more supportive of you on your journey? Why do you keep reading it and what difference would it make if it never showed up again?
  • Take a few moments and send me an email. Comment anonymously, with your name or one you make up. Ask a question. Tell me what you want to know, what’s on your heart, in your mind and I’ll address the subjects of interest in future blogs.
  • Listen to your Inner Being. What’s the message it’s wanting you to hear? What’s it asking of you? Be at ease with not knowing. It’s the only way you can truly know and………….. Remember to remember that we’re all in this life experience together. We share a common Source and we need each other………..I’ve heard that this is sometimes called community, common-unity…..Thanks for being here…..You’re a special gift and I appreciate you….

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