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How much do you know about what lies within you? How much time have you spent in your life exploring the amazing depths of your inner reality? Conversely, how much of your life have you spent with what lies in your past and your future? It seems that our education has little or nothing to do with what lies within and what’s here and now.

What’s up with this? We’re the most complex beings on the planet and give little or no attention to the life work of uncovering the mystery of who we really are. Does this make any logical sense or am I simply a voice crying in the wilderness?

How would your life change if you awakened to your capacity to create virtually anything from thought? Stop for a moment and ponder this. Look at what you’ve created in your life and ask where it came from. Did you physically move from another country or state to the place you’re now living? Didn’t that move originate from a thought followed by significant action? How about your possessions? Didn’t they come from a thought too?

We’re born with receptor systems that receive all kinds of known and unknown data from seen and unseen places and spaces. We have receptors for vibration and frequency as well as for a certain range of sight and sound. We have receptors for simple and complex messages and we’re taught to listen only to the most obvious ones.

We have unconscious knowing from before we were born that can inform our conscious thoughts. We carry DNA from the cosmos and are subconsciously connected and participate in everything that is, has been, and will be, yet we ignore about ninety nine percent of what comes into us. Why?

Is it possible that we only see what we’re looking for and we’re taught what to look for from the beginning of our lives? Aren’t we conditioned by our environments and our cultures? Our pre-birth memories are stored in the unconscious reaches of our being and only awaken upon prompting which rarely happens when we’re primarily concerned with survival. Until recent human history survival has been primary for most of us.

Hundreds of millions of us, however, are no longer in survival mode and have the luxury of accessing the True Self within. Be Still and Know! Let Come, Let Go! Let Ebb, Let Flow! Awaken and Grow! Could it be we’re awakening to see the beauty that’s in you and me and the illusions that keep us from being free? Breathe out the fright, breathe in the light. Be encouraged, empowered, and lean into a new life. It’s your heritage, your destiny, your time to become conscious of your inner reality, inner freedom. Let it be . . .

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