Over the past months I’ve had to take a serious look at what I’ve been willing to give up to help me grow up. We all gather so much inner and outer stuff that we cling to. “I just have to keep those books, I might need them.” or “I can’t possible give up that position, it’s become part of who I am. Who would I be without it?” What’s some of the inner and outer clutter you might need to give up to enlighten up?

With a rigid and fixed ‘mind set’ it’s really difficult to give up much of anything. We hoard ideas, thoughts, ways of proving ourselves, old memorabilia, worn out concepts, behavioral patterns and prejudices that help define us. We hang on, clutch at ‘old’ ways because we’re mostly afraid of creating new ones. The old inner and outer stuff defines who we are, who we’re not, and change is uncomfortable and inconvenient.

I now recognize that some of the most ‘liberating’ moments in my life were when I had to give up something I didn’t want to. Once it was inevitable and I was able to willingly embrace it, I came to realize the wisdom in letting go. I was able to do this in a few weeks and at other times it took years. My holding on only served to make my life worse, not better. My brooding took me down and prolonged the agony of the transition.

We hear a lot these days about letting go as if it were a simple and easy thing. Sometimes it’s not and other times it is. What makes the difference is our attitude, our mind set about it. When we recognize how an attitude or mind set is keeping us stuck, it’s easier to give it up. When we’re inspired to grow and overcome, we do.

I suspect we all have more than enough examples of not being willing to to give up what we don’t want, to get what we want. I also suspect the opposite. When the ‘want’ is great enough, inspiring enough, high enough on your priority list, aren’t you more willing to give it up, let it go? When the radiant vibration of the ‘want’ becomes more compelling and inspiring than the don’t want, don’t you finally go for it until you get it?

What’s necessary here is to check in with your inner wisdom, your inner witness, your inner essence to make sure you’re listening to your highest calling. “What does this moment ask of me?” might be a good way to tap into this inner reality. “What do I really want that this Item or thought represents for me?” might also be a helpful question. Is the energy of the want filled with more joy and inspiration than the not want?

The question of ‘What Are You Willing To Give Up?’ is directly connected to “What Do You Really Want?” When you answer these questions from your heart with enthusiasm and spirit you have your answer, inspiration and action plan. Take the time to sit in this process every time a significant decision comes to you. Are you Willing? Action speaks!

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