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Over the past four months there hasn’t been much exuberance in my life. There hasn’t been much stimulus toward action. The coaching I’ve been receiving has helped me turn inward toward a quieter and more reflective non action. It’s been wonderful. In the beginning I wasn’t listening for anything much. The gurgle of a stream, the song of a bird, the rustling of the leaves on the trees was enough. I simply needed to rest in it.

In that space there was a wonderful affirming grace that gave permission to become quieter. There was a deep understanding that it was important and essential. The inner light grew in such a way that I didn’t want to rejoin the fray of everyday running around. The outer world didn’t hold much of an attraction any more. I loved the quiet, the solitude, the ability to hear the many sounds of silence. I befriended it in the depths.

Recently however, the reality of this physical world has awakened me to the necessity of further action. Retirement from a long term corporate career was never meant to be a lasting engagement. It was only to be another interlude between what has been and what wants to be.The inner coach is now nudging me toward a continuing mission of service and expansion. This time, the exuberance to jump isn’t here. I’m still listening.

Listening is not an activity exclusive to the ears. It involves all five senses and beyond. It’s a multi-sensory listening that I’m speaking of. It’s rational, literal, intuitive, and metaphorical. It’s practical day to day stuff and the stuff of dreams, imaginations, synchronicities, callings, and ‘accidental’ occurrences. It’s attention to the intention of Knowing in the not knowing. It’s an everyday spiritual practice of Presence to what Is.

The question I’ve posed before: “What does this moment ask of me?” is valid here. When asking this question we’re looking for some guidance, insight, awareness, a clue into the unknown. We’re listening for direction to the path we’re wanting to walk with the Authentic Self that resides within and without. We’re wanting to be aligned and in harmony with the Essence of who we really are. We’re listening for our next calling.

In order to participate in this ‘Listening’ we have to stop the constant chatter in our heads and the ongoing dramas in our lives. This requires a daily practice of Stilling and Presencing. Imagine trying to have a conversation with someone who is constantly talking, moving about, and not listening to you. This is what happens between your True Self and your false self. Observe this within today and discover the truth of it.

If you want intimate communication, learning to ‘Listen’ is essential. It takes place in the outer and inner realms of Being. Today, tune into your ‘Silent Messaging Service’ and begin to hear what you ultimately long for. When you do, you’re coming Home . . .

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