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Do you take what you have and help to make it grow? If so, you’re appreciating the talent and value of what you’re growing. It’s a thanksgiving and growth activity. What about the ‘stuff‘ you don’t appreciate within your being? What do you do with it? Do you depreciate it, hide it, repress it, deny it? Is it possible that there might be some gold in what you don’t appreciate about yourself and others?

I was in a conversation the other day with a friend and was having difficulty appreciating what was being said. As I listened more intently with an open mind, I noticed that I started appreciating the perspective I initially could not. It reminded me of the rigid fixed mindset with its black and white categories and the flexible growth mindset that keeps options open and challenges itself to grow beyond fixed mindsets.

Not only do we do this with others, we do it with ourselves. Do you remember those early years of childhood where you learned ‘right‘ and ‘wrong‘ from your parents, teachers, peers, public personalities, and history books? Do you remember how those attitudes were challenged along the way as you grew and how some stuck to you while others were replaced with new thoughts? Do you recognize them when they show up?

We’re living in an era where what we thought were certainties have turned out not to be. The earth is not flat, it’s part of a solar system and there was a man on the moon. Thoughts really do create things. Success can no longer be identified by IQ because people can grow beyond their upbringing when inspired rather than being imprisoned by stereotypes. People are awakening to new possibilities all the time. Change is normal.

We all have talent we hold back because we were told or made to believe it wasn’t good enough. Well, it is good enough and if you want to make it better, get to work, make it better. What you’re holding back may be the very gift someone is waiting for so they can grow beyond their present condition.Your inspiration to appreciate a repressed talent may be the one that inspires another to inspire another to inspire another. Yes?

Birds in the woods singing our songs; I love the metaphor. No bird is trying to outdo another. They’re each being who they are, doing what they do, adding their voice to the hymn of the universe. Can we not be like the birds singing our own songs without comparison or competition? My challenge to you is to discover the unique talent that wants to come out of you. Let it out day by day in some simple gentle way.You’ll know it.

Overcome your obstacles, grow yourself and make the world a better place. Open your heart, mind, and hands. Take action, step by step, everyday. Practice singing your special song all day long . . . Sound the gong . . . Awaken to Aliveness . . .

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