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People who’ve only known me in my adult life would never believe that I was a shy boy who hid his talents and suffered from an inferiority complex. From the agonies of childhood when disciplined, humiliated and paradoxically made to feel special I, like so many others, hid my uniqueness, my talents and my effervescence. Early on in childhood we know we are enough but punishment, put downs and teasing drive us to hide our best selves. Some never recover.

The tragedy for so many is that we don’t talk about it. Also, because we hide our gifts, we can’t see and hear how beautiful, appreciated and wanted we are no matter what anyone says. We continue to conclude that much of who we are is unworthy and not enough. This message is the exact opposite of what we need to know and live into. Does any of this ring true for you even in a small way? It hits me right in the heart and has taken a very long time to recover from.

As I reflect on the life we’ve all been gifted to live, I see how often the genius, soul, acorn, entelechy, essence in us is depreciated by the environments we are raised in. I also see how this unique invisible vibrant energy we each have can be nurtured and inspired to come forth in creative ways in spite of our circumstances. Invariably, the divine seed in our human shell sprouts, grows and thrives in various degrees despite set backs. It’s however up to us to overcome the set backs, stop hiding and grow into the co-creators we’ve been born to be.

I’m now wondering how many of you have ever hidden, repressed and denied the magical child you were and continue to be. I’m wondering if you’ve discovered and uncovered the unique gifts you were born with and how often you let those parts of yourself come out of hiding. Could it be that by simply acknowledging them and letting them come out into the light you’d find a more joyous and fulfilling life? Imagine how it would feel to allow the creative energy you knew as a child to flow again. What would you have to let go of to let it come forth?

I met a young woman the other day who told me a bit of her story about being given up by her parents, losing contact with her siblings, experiencing many foster parents, struggling with school and finally loving the job she was presently in. I felt her struggles and sorrows but more especially I felt the vibrancy and aliveness of her ‘soul‘ showing itself through her smile and laugh. Her essence was lighting her way. Her green hair was shining. It was her guiding light.

When we’re directed into areas of life that don’t fit who we truly are it feels like we’re being folded, bent, stapled and boxed in. Our genius waits while we discern what feels enslaving and what feels empowering. When we’re not hiding our soulful essence we’re vibrant, alive, flowing, and filled with energy. Our creativity comes alive and we’re eager to be co-creators. When we’re hiding who we truly are, the opposite is true. What’s your green hair? Let if flow!!!

  • Sit quietly with your journal and write down all the things you loved doing as a child into your twenties. Note when you stopped and why. What on the list touches your soul?
  • Notice what brings life to life for you now and what you’re fearfully hiding within that would bring more aliveness, creativity and joy into your life and the lives of others.  
  • Turn on some flowing music and dance by yourself for awhile. What does it awaken in you?



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