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Welcome December!

Dec 2, 2020 | Wisdom | 0 comments

Nature remembers what we humans forget. Each cycle returns to stillness, silence and darkness. Each in-breath is followed by an out-breath. Each outer endeavor eventually turns inward to its origins, to its center for a new beginning. From death comes new life. From dark nights come new dawns. From pregnancy comes new birth. In this new winter season of soul we are reminded that everyone and everything needs quiet time, settling time, moments for rest and reflection. The whole of creation pauses,  imagines, gestates, dreams and wonders what wants to be born anew. How about you?

It’s been said that winter is a season of celebration, recovery, and preparation for what has been and what wants to be. It’s not a season of hyperactivity but a season of calm reflection, preparation, and creativity. It gives us opportunities to overcome our driving nature and relax into a space of grace, unfettered silence, and pregnant verdancy. It’s a time for birthing, growing, changing, and rearranging our lives to become more aligned with our souls beyond our strive drive emotions, mindsets, and physical compulsions.

In the Celtic tradition, contemplation becomes a primary mode of operating in the winter season. It’s a simple act or ‘resting in silence’ within the mystery of Divine moments that come and go with each breath. It becomes an inner prayer of the heart rather than of words and thoughts. It allows us to enter a place where our inner reality is shaped by ‘waiting’ which means simply being attentive, awake and aware to what’s happening in the silence of the moment. It helps dissolve our restlessness and ushers us home to a place of stability within that’s receptive to Divine presence and Infinite creativity.

So, as you wind your way through this amazing month of December with all that calls to you: Stop, Look and Listen before you cross the metaphorical street! Stop, Look and Listen before you make a complaining peep! Stop, Look and Listen, go in, begin, go deep. Stop, Look and Listen, awaken from your sleep. Remember, it’s a brand new day and we can all find a better way at the edge of waiting, at the edge of birthing, at the edge of Divine Life. Welcome December and Thank You for the gifts you bring. . . .

  • When you find yourself getting frantic and frazzled this month, Stop, Look, and Listen to the still small voice that resides at the center of your Being. Feel the calmness, the wisdom and understanding, the love, joy, and serenity. Breathe deeply and re-center your ‘persona’ self to your True Inner Self. Welcome December and her promises.
  • In the stillness, silence, and darkness; reconnect with the New that’s birthing in You.


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