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Vulnerability and Creativity

Mar 14, 2018 | Vulnerability

I wonder from time to time why we choose to stay stuck in our ruts rather than venture out beyond, into the field of all possibilities. Is it that we’re afraid of failure or of being seen for who we truly are? Why don’t we ask for what we need and want? Why don’t we talk about our feelings? Have we been trained to be invulnerable and these actions put us in vulnerable positions? Why do we hide our creativity? Why are we so reluctant to share our gifts, our glory, our talents, our unique one of a kindness?

I was born with the gift of music but was reluctant to share it. In reflection I suspect this was because I was afraid of what others would think. I was afraid of both the applause and its lack. Being afraid of my own gifts haunted me into adulthood. In fact, I still have to talk myself into situations that challenge my inner child’s vulnerability. He’s much more comfortable hiding his light than shining it. Most people wouldn’t know this about me because I’ve created a good cover for my shy reluctant little boy.

Each one of us comes into this world with gifts. The conditioning we get from our family, friends, teachers and cultures sets a tone within us that resonates for a long time without our conscious knowing. Whether we’re put down, judged, scorned, held up, nurtured or affirmed, we all have inner worlds we hide, repress, deny and act out.  Our behavior depends on more than one set of circumstances. Some thrive in adversity while others don’t. Our uniqueness however can be expressed through it all.

Eventually each of us has to stop hiding behind whatever facade we use to show up and be seen. Vulnerability becomes the portal we walk through repeatedly to discover who we truly are. It directs us to our special creativity that’s connected to our unique story that no one else has ever lived. This one of a kind story is an essential part of the universal story of the Great Creating. It’s the significant contribution we bring to the cosmic love affair of being, belonging and becoming. Each of us is a co-creative artist.

Another life lesson is that much of the time the most simple things are the most extraordinary things. We’re not talking about stardom or being number one here. We’re  talking about simply living into our best selves, the one unique self that’s connected to all that’s ever been, is and ever shall be. We’re talking about the wonderful abilities we all have to live into our innate aliveness, beauty and creativity rather than allowing ourselves to be dumbed down by unconscious variables that sabotage our contribution.

This brings up questions that cause us to stop, look and listen to the still small voice within that asks: Why are you here. . . ?  What inspires you, makes your heart sing. . . ? What are your deepest longings in this one precious life you have here and now. . . ? To have these conversations with your many selves and with significant others you can trust and confide in is to explore and discover the creativity that’s calling you through the portal of vulnerability. It’s the affirmation that permits empowerment and courage to cultivate and own your special uniqueness; to create a life of joyful abundance.

  • With pen and journal in hand, spend significant time with the above paragraph. Allow yourself the opportunity of self discovery and vulnerability in the privacy of your own space to embrace some grace. Imagine the new life you’d love to create and take a step in that direction every day over the next year. Imagine the fullness of that vision for yourself, for those close to you and for the global community. . . .
  • Appreciate, take what you have and help it to grow while giving thanks all ways and everywhere for the gifts of vulnerability and creativity. Allow yourself to encourage and empower your inner children. Nurture and comfort them. Help heal their wounds and inspire them to be and do what inspires them. Allow all of you to be loved and blessed.


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