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I’ve been running into a lot of people these days who seem to live in pessimism, resistance and fear with no way out of their negative mindsets. It seems that few of us recognize that we’re fields of energy no matter how physical we appear to be. As vibrating energy at various frequencies we attract that which we think and feel. Over time, we build a particular momentum in both positive and negative directions. It’s very difficult to stop a boulder rolling down a hill.

The boulder is our energy of perpetual and continual thoughts and feelings. The first step in changing this energy is appreciating who you truly are in your Essence and tapping into it. To recognize that you are divine light, life, and love is key to transforming who you think you are. This energy of Appreciation is accessed by giving thanks for who you truly are and building on the things that are working. Giving Attention to what’s bringing Life to Life for you increases it.

When you focus on what’s not working you get more of it. If you have four things that are working well and one thing that isn’t, do you focus on the one thing that is problematic or the four that are working? What’s necessary is to be Receptive to what’s working and put energy into that because where you direct your attention is where your energy goes. Focus on solutions and they will increase. Direct your energies to your heart’s desires and they will flower.

When you Ask for help from the Source, from your Inner Being, the frequency of your energy changes. The next step is to put yourself in a Receptive Mode to receive what you’re asking for. The pessimist isn’t receptive to the request so your conditioned self says “No”. Because of the momentum of the ‘No energy’ there’s no receptivity. Your pessimist doesn’t believe in you as your Inner Self does, so the momentum of pessimism wins again and your stuck with it.

If you find yourself in this situation, start monitoring your inner dialogues. Begin to notice the inner pessimism, resistance and fear. Then bring the power of your Inner Being’s calm voice into greater consciousness. Know that your deepest desires are meant to be and trust that they are on their way. Then chill out and let them come. Your conditioned mind will always say “No” to your highest and most truthful aspirations. Receptivity to your Inner Being is imperative.

Think of Helen Keller who became blind and deaf as a child from an unknown disease. Despite   these losses she was, with help, able to powerfully connect to her Inner Being, Innate Intelligence, Authorship. She helped change the world and gave hope and inspiration to countless millions of people. She discovered the secrets of the stars, sailed to uncharted lands and opened a new heaven within for humanity. She made the seemingly impossible possible.

What are your greatest hopes, desires, passions, and loves? When you Appreciate who you truly are and become Receptive the the Source of life, light, and love of your Inner Being, you  can lighten up, chill out, and find that you are so much more than you appear to be. Are you willing to open your heart and see? Are you willing to Ask, Receive and Enlighten Up? Are you willing to change your vibrational frequencies and sail into uncharted creativity? Everything you’ve ever wanted is here for you. Be still, know, flow and grow. It’s the vibe of a new tribe.

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