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Transition Anticipation

Feb 27, 2019 | Transitions | 0 comments

This past week Old Man Winter again made himself known with blizzards of snow creating a landscape a wonder. Today Brother Sun shines as temperatures rise while Sister Spring seems to come out of hiding. As snow changes to mud, clouds evaporate through a gate of change that rearranges what happens in our gardens. The shift from February to March marks a transition, a change in our position. Spring silently stands waiting her queues  as we muse what will come with her arrival.  

Transition anticipation takes place in every season of life and in every ending that longs for a new beginning. It’s the energy that invites us into the never ending cycles of birth, life, death and new life. It’s the eternal drama that plays out everyday in infinite ways here on earth and throughout the cosmos. The anticipation is a consciousness that sees through the illusion of permanence into the impermanence of all that is. It’s a different perspective that threatens our finite ego mind as it opens to our Infinite Ineffable One.

What have you been sensing over the past months of Winter? What new insights have come to you that you’ve begun to ponder and explore? Are you still locked in the deep freeze of frozen thoughts and feelings or have some of them begun to thaw as you’ve allowed a new light to shine upon them? What’s this moment asking of you? Are you still stuck in an old pattern of behavior that you’ve outgrown? What will it take for you to ‘spring forward’ into the new rather than ‘fall back’ into the old’?

As we make a turn in the calendar from Winter to Spring, will it be just another day or can you sense the inner and outer changes that are here and yet to come in you? Stop for a moment and breathe in where you are on your journey to experience what is drawing you into a new ‘season of soul‘. What are the underlying energies, the anticipations that beckon your attention? Can you sense a new aliveness under the surface of what has been that wants to be? Are there new adventures beckoning you?

In anticipation of a new day, I awaken to the morning slowly wondering why I’m here. I sense the energies that want to hold me back and draw me near. What part of me wants to pull the covers over my head to wait for something beyond this season that seems so  dead. I don’t want to get up out of bed. I want the warmth of the sun, the breeze of a different season. I want something new for a different reason. The alarm goes off and I’m drawn out again. I sit down to write but forget my pen.

The transition anticipation moves me beyond the external seasons to the ones inside;  to the ones I repress and deny, the ones I try to hide. I put my best face forward but sometimes it’s a lie, a partial presence that repeats the mantra ‘Why’? Why can’t I simply be with todays’ reality? Why do I have to go through this season again?  Why am I not satisfied with who I’ve become? Why even ask why when I’m so glum?  Won’t there always be enough of whatever I need? What’s inside this tiny seed called me?

Life’s flowing energies unconsciously pass through us with every season. It’s the Divine Light spreading its delight; the sweetness of a new day that makes us laugh and sing, love and play. Here we are in a brand new day, one that’s wrapped in the wonder of Life in a glorious way. Wake up, I hear, Life’s here and now. Wake up each day, learn how. Wake up to the Winter that’s in every Spring. Wake up to every season in every thing. Wake up to the wonder of Life that’s now and here. Wake up to the gift of eternal cheer.

  • I invite you to engage the above ‘Wake up‘ exercise everyday for the next season of soul and see how it changes your perceptions, perspectives and presuppositions. . .
  • As you engage the changing seasons, inquire into what you’re being asked to become aware of. Ask yourself the ‘Why‘ questions to get a sense of your disposition, judgements  and expectations concerning Life for yourself and others. . .
  • As we move from Winter to Spring, notice the anticipation that take place in your life and in your attitudes. Notice how the environment changes you and how you change your environment.  Give Attention to your emotions and their impact. . .



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