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To Every Season Turn, Turn, Turn!

Jul 8, 2020 | Soul | 0 comments

As I sit here in the ninety degree temperatures of another hot, dry, sunny Colorado day,  I find myself drifting back in time when I was basking in the heat of  a different hot, humid, sweaty day in Michigan on the lake at our family cottage swimming, boating and not knowing how fortunate I was…..Life was just the way it had always been in the summertime with our extended family.

How different it is now, when most of that family has passed away and the rest of us have been scattered to the four winds. How long ago that seems and yet, it’s still alive fulfilling a purpose.

What might the purpose be for you and me to remember the days gone by with a sense of joy and wonder? Why might it be important to remember to remember the gifts of the past no matter how convoluted and inaccurate they may be? What purpose does this serve and what kind of turning might it bring to us?  Sitting in this air conditioned room typing on a key-board that wasn’t even invented then, I’m transported in time to that of the past and to the future. I’m sensing that we’re all travelers through time and space in need of  grace and a loving embrace. 

Do you know when you set an intention, create a vision, open to its possibilities and potentialities and give yourself actively and passionately to it that you can receive the necessary energy to engage and creatively manifest it? I think about my former desire to create a new  life in Colorado decades ago. I wasn’t  sure what kind of life it would be but the simple vision and action to ‘create a new life in Colorado’ put me there and has kept me there for over forty years. I’m now creating a new life in another space and am there and on my way energetically every day. 

Like life, Nature is not static: It’s always changing and rearranging as nothing physical endures. Everything is coming and going, ebbing and flowing, coming into being and passing away. To every season there is a season within a season with significant purpose even when we don’t know what it is. These seasons within seasons, when we’re aware of them, can be openings to growth and change, to new meaning and purpose, new opportunities and creations. When we get stuck in narrow views of life there’s always a possible turning, a change of vision and purpose.

Where are you in your turnings, in your meaning and purpose during this season of soul? Can you identify it, awaken to it, make sense of it, plunge into it, move with it, say yes and/or no to it? What is it time for you to be about? Are you giving it attention or trying to ignore it? Is it time to laugh, cry, build up, tear down, heal, create, dance, mourn, fear or love? Can you let go of what you’re clinging to so something wonderful and new can come to you in the moment? Or is this a season of waiting, pondering, reflecting, wondering and tuning within to listen and laugh? 

This July, in the middle of summer, allow yourself to be present in the moment that stirs your soul. Give yourself the gift of the enduring message of renewal and abundant life in the moment and feel the life that’s calling you to itself here and now. Wherever you want to be mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually, be there now.  I’m now at my desk in the air conditioned study of my present day home. I’m also at the lake listening to the waves lapping the shore and looking at the full moon. I’m giving thanks in this moment that I’m ‘Home’ feeling all that’s loving, alive and serene. It’s another moment to turn, turn, turn. What about you? Where are You?  

  • Give yourself the gift of this season of turning by tuning into your deepest longings. Imagine the wonder of these longings and feel them in the depths of your soul right here and now. Close your eyes and breathe into these turnings. Sense the infinite moment.
  • Remember to remember  that you can come ‘Home’ to these places and spaces any time you choose whether they’re in the past, present or future. Inviting them into the present moment brings them close here and now. The more often you visualize and feel these places, space and soulful seasons, the more present they are for you. Turn, turn, turn!


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