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Tis the Season

Jul 29, 2020 | Change | 0 comments

As I sit here in front of this computer screen day after day, I sometimes reflect on other seasons of life when we didn’t have computers. I remember when there were only typewriters, phones fixed in place with operators and black and white televisions that could only get three channels. I remember phonographs, stick shift cars and wrist watches we had to wind by hand every day. I remember nickel candy bars, soft drinks in glass bottles and gasoline for nineteen cents a gallon. I also remember endless decades of war, social unrest and ongoing turmoil and displacement. 

As we transition into another season of life, I wonder where we’re going and how or if we’ll ever get there. The outer world changes in significant ways when the inner world changes. When we find new ways to live, love, honor and respect the dignity of every human being and have reverence for all life, cultures shift. However, as long as we are not giving attention to the common Source of Life there will be division and conflict. These changes cannot come only from the outside but must come from the inside, from the very heart and soul of ‘we the people.’ 

The new situation that many of us want is one of harmony, love, joy and peace. Knowing this, it behooves us to be the peace, bring the love and live in joyful harmony with the Essence of who we are as human/divine beings. It seems that in the midst of chaos we’re here to bring calmness. In confusion we’re here to bring clarity. In danger we’re here to create safety and helpful opportunities. What does it benefit any of us if we gain the whole world and lose our souls? What value and benefit is there in chaos, self-defeating isolation and self-righteous indignation?

When I look at what’s falling away from me, I’m noticing my pride and indifference, my anger and denial, anxiety and regret, blame and shame, arrogance and disdain I learned along the way through the cultural conditioning I received. I’m noticing how what I most want to destroy is what lives within me as a shadow self that I hide, repress and deny. As I stop, look and listen deeply to the cries of the distressed ones residing within me, you and all of humanity, a humble space opens within. A healing energy comes. What has been no longer fits and must fall away. 

What no longer fits must fall away both individually and collectively. As a global community we are at a threshold crossing, a transition to a new season of life we’ve been waiting for all our lives. As we face global warming and massive migrations, pandemics, wars, poverty, inequality, social unrest, tribalism and selfishness, it behooves us to look at ourselves and see what needs to fall away from our lives. If we’re the ones we’ve been waiting for, what are we still waiting for?  Doesn’t it begin with you and me?

  • Open some inner space to reflect on the new season of life that’s emerging for you. What are you seeing, feeling, being drawn to let go of to let come in this new season of life?
  • Inquire- “What does this moment ask of me?” and listen closely for some words of wisdom!


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