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Note from Rick: The following song, Time for Evolution, from my album With The Eyes Of A Child, is the perfect musical accompaniment to today’s post.  Feel free to stream it using the embedded audio player below, and see the end of today’s post for more details on my album.  Enjoy!

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To follow the thread of the above quote, Shakespeare reflects: “There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so.” It’s only been recently that a significant number of people in the world have come to realize this truth. We in the Western world have lived under the mind set of a distant, punitive, denying, vengeful, and indifferent God for millennia. We’ve also lived with a mechanistic perception of humanity and nature for over four hundred years thanks to Isaac Newton, Thomas Hobbes, Adam Smith, Darwin, Marx, Freud, and a host of others. It’s a wonder we’re finally waking up.

Quantum physics, which has been around for a hundred years, is finally making an impact on the way we think and perceive ‘reality.‘ We now know that we, as observers, are part of the outcome in the Great Flowering of Life. As conscious participants, we are even more important and can be called co-creators with the Great Creating. This is a radical shift in consciousness and puts us in a significantly different space within the universe. Rather than being cogs in a wheel, we are co-creators of the vehicle.

Because of the nature of our old reptilian and mammalian brains, fear wants to overtake, stop us in our tracks and drive us to run for safety. In our culture, opposition seems to be everywhere seeking to set us back and into unconscious oblivion. With our ‘salvation’ out there in the future and our day to day lives swallowed up in mechanical banality, is it any wonder we feel alienated, separated, and disconnected?

The refrain in a song I wrote over a decade ago says what I’ll continue to say to everyone all the time. It’s time to wake up to the reality that we’re all a part of the Whole. We are made from the same substance as the One Substance. As we wake up to the reality of who we Really are, we can play our part in the Unfolding of this New Awareness and Change the World. We Are the Ones we’ve been waiting for.

“Time for Evolution within and without. Time for new solutions, can there be any doubt. Time for Evolution, starting right here, today. Time for new solutions, we’re the ones to lead the Way. Step up with intent, a new way to pay the rent. I’m transforming me. I’m transforming me. What about you? What about you?”

If you will, listen to the song to see if there’s any resonance in it for you. If so, let it be an inspiration for you to progressively move forward from where you are. It ends and begins right here and now with you and me. It’s Our Destiny. Together, We Be Free. .

Rick PicIf you enjoyed the musical accompaniment to today’s post, you can buy the individual song, Time for Evolution, or the entire album, With The Eyes Of A Child, on  My favorite description of the album is: “Take the Eagles, Van Morrison, Clapton, the Beatles, Dotsero, Opey Gone Bad, Bob Marley, the Stones, U2, Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Ray Charles, throw them in a blender and get Rick. Classic Rock with a real message.”

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