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The Wonder of Spring

Mar 13, 2019 | Wonder | 0 comments

I wonder about the changing seasons of our lives and the day to day rhythms that seem to lull us to sleep. I’ve noticed lately that unless I give special attention to what goes on in the course of a day, I miss the subtle nature of the passing moments. I forget to pause from what I think is important to give attention and awareness to what ordinarily passes as unimportant but is very important. In this moment, awaken to the beat of your heart. Put your hands together and feel your pulse. How important is it?

How important is noticing the blossoming flowers and the budding trees in Springtime, the new songs of birds that have returned from their migratory journeys? Why spend any time with these ‘trivial’ pursuits when we have so many other important things to give our attention to? How many new flowers do we really see and experience in our daily lives when our mind is in the computer or in some far off fantasy we’ve drifted into? What does any of this have to do with the ‘Wonder of Spring’ and our awareness of it?

It involves the annual rite of passage from the season of Winter, with it’s long dark nights, into the season of Spring that brings new Light and Life wherever we look. The blanket of white transforms into a vibrant plethora of green and other wild colors of every shade announcing new energies that create magical mystical movements everywhere. It’s the mystery of Mother Nature and our relation to her. It’s what makes this earth, our island home, function in ways that sustain Life. It’s the entelechy, the mysterious cause of creation wonderfully manifesting in our very midst. But who cares?

I’m wondering how we’ve grown so far away from the very Essence of Creation. I’m also wondering how the self-made virtual realities coming to us through all kinds of electronic devices have replaced the key ingredients of life without much notice. Over the past years we all seem to have become so ‘busy’ that we have a difficult time even noticing the passage of the seasons. I can remember many seasons of Spring where I didn’t even notice the leaves on the trees, the flowers, the birds and the bees until May or even June. What is it that takes us away from the natural rhythms of Life?

As I sit here in my comfortable office, I see others walking in the rain, seeking shelter from the elements and comfort from the cold wet day. I also see the rhythm of nature displayed everywhere within and beyond our humanity; interconnected with it as the earth is watered and fed from an atmosphere of reverence. I hear the sound of wonder from a man who stopped in before lunch to ask for help and received more than he asked for. In seeing so many hidden wonders of Spring, I smile and begin to sing.

What does it profit us if we gain the whole world and lose our own souls; and what does it profit us if we gain our souls and lose our make believe worlds? My perpetual astonishment is how upside down we seem to have our priorities. As Joni Mitchell sang: “Don’t it seem to always go that you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone? Paved paradise, put up a parking lot.” As we ignore the natural rhythms of Nature, we disconnect from the very Essence of who we are and lose Life’s wonder.

What do you say? Are you willing to find a way to embrace this in between month of March and celebrate the extraordinary transformation that Mother Nature is again orchestrating? Are you willing to take off the veil covering your heart and mind to find the New Life that’s gradually birthing here, there and everywhere? Are you willing  to feel the pulse of Nature within and all around you; to breathe in this New Life marking another adventurous beginning to be more free? Are you willing to explore the wonder?

  • Over the next few days and weeks, make a commitment to yourself to explore the wonder of Nature within your inner and outer environments. Notice what’s budding, what’s flowering, what’s sprouting new growth and expanding.
  • Give yourself the gift of ongoing awareness, of the natural changes you notice in your environment. Find an inner and outer space that you can return to over time and mark the inner and outer changes you perceive. What are these moments asking of you? What are they drawing you to notice, to give attention to, to become aware of?
  • When in solitude, give awareness to your five senses. . . . Shhhh. . . . What are you sensing when you see? hear? smell? taste? touch?. . . . Slowly move beyond your five senses to a multi-sensory perspective where you’re simple being where you are as a part of the environment. Become part of the All that’s present. Awaken to the common unity that’s always here, always now. . . .Be Still. . . .Grow. . . .It’s a brand new day!



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