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The Soul of Spring

May 22, 2019 | Awakening | 0 comments

If you let yourself be silently drawn by Nature’s pull, it will lead you into the essence of Life and an innate creativity that is within you. I call  this the Season of Soul whether it be winter, spring, summer or autumn. It’s the energy of Life that flows through the whole creation and requires stillness, silence and receptivity to experience and appreciate it. It’s part of the deep contemplative tradition of all world religions that goes unnoticed by the many while being engaged by the few.

In times of chaos and confusion, this energy seems to have a greater attraction which we humans respond to with more intentional receptivity. This energetic presence is always here physically, subtly and causally. It appears where we live, move and have our being as well as in our dreams, musings, reflections and deeper longings. It acts as a beacon that calls us home to the outer reaches of inner space and the inner reaches of outer space. It calls us to greater awareness and a transformation of consciousness.

As I reflect on the Soul of Spring, I can’t help but engage all the seasons of soul that call me to greater awareness, attention and alignment within the objective and subjective realms of Life. They can be sensed in our waking and in our sleeping. They call us to awaken with alarm and love because our mother is dying. Emergency measures are needed and we’re going about our business as if nothing was happening. While climate change  increases negatively, we keep hoping someone will fix it. Are you the one?

There’s a story about a monkey on a remote island in the Pacific who began a new behavior of washing the sand from his fruit in the ocean. A few others began to do the same and over the months that followed more began washing their fruit. Over time, on another island many miles away,  another monkey began washing her fruit in the same way and within a span of time, the majority of monkeys on other islands were washing their fruit like never before. It became known as the Hundredth Monkey phenomenon and became the metaphor for Rupert Sheldrake’s theory of morphic resonance.

As I ponder what I can do to slow down and reverse our course toward extinction due to carbon emissions, pollution and unconsciousness; I recognize that I can participate in this Hundredth Monkey effect. I can diminish my carbon footprint by using less fossil fuel energy, decrease my use of plastic, boycott polluting industries, support the green movement, write my congressional representatives, plant more trees and keep raising awareness in my circle of influence. I can be a change agent to help save mother’s life.  

This may sound foolish and impossible but when two and three and a million cross a certain threshold, we’ll see that day come round. When we connect with our own soul, we also connect with the soul of others. We begin to activate our shared values, meanings, relationships, language and interconnectivity with the whole of creation. We influence systems, networks, technologies, governments, environments. We become part of a wholeness that is inherent in the global community. We become One with All.

As I finally see myself as an Elder in the global community, I’m moved to be a voice crying in the wilderness. I’m moved to speak out and act in ways I haven’t before. I’m  asked, even required to do something radically different from what I’ve done before. I’m finally identifying with the mythological Hundredth Monkey who tipped the scale and transformed a culture. What would happen if you would also see yourself as a Hundredth Monkey rather than just a single cell with no power and influence?

Each of us is a vortex of living breathing energy that’s connected to the very Source of Light and Life. We’ve all been made in this image and are a part of it. My sense is that we are being called beyond ‘business as usual’  to a New Life through the very Soul of Creation; a call to action of loving companion and compassionate presence the likes of which we haven’t seen in two thousand years. The Soul of Spring beckons us to a new awakening, a new awareness, a new perspective of our interconnectivity. Do you hear the call to participate in this transformation, this new resonance? I hope so….

  • Reflect on the lives of your children and grandchildren whether you have any or not. What kind of world do you want for them? What one thing could you do everyday until you pass on that would make the world a more peaceful sustainable place for them?
  • Make a commitment to engage this one thing every day for a year and feel the difference it makes in your life and the lives of those around you.
  • Take time everyday to sit within the Soul of Spring over the next weeks and record in your journal the difference it makes for you and your companions. Note your experiences, your inner impulses, your musings, your relationships, your resonance.



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