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I’ve been helping my six year old grandson learn to swim over the past year. The biggest issue for him has been trusting the water because it’s not nearly as solid as the ground. I’ve used some words from Alan Watts to help me: “To allow is to trust ourself to the water. When you swim you don’t grab hold of the water, because if you do you will sink and drown. Instead you relax, and float.” Learning how to relax and float is crucial for being in the water, the flow of life.

As I reflect on this year’s election cycle and the changing seasons I’m reminded of the rhythm of life with all it’s contrasts and challenges. I was sitting by a stream today with closed eyes and the image of ‘streaming’ came to me. The streaming water I was sitting beside was speaking to me of the streaming life that’s flowing though us every second of everyday. We can affirm or deny it, receive or resist it. Without this streaming, this ongoing flow of energy, none of what we know including ourselves would exist. Energy is the unseen force of life as we know it.

In this streaming life we can relax and float or resist and drown. Are you in an affirming place of relaxing and floating or in a denying place of fighting and flailing? In our fluidity we learn to allow the water, flow of life, to carry us in a relaxed way that is actually fun and enjoyable. In our rigidity we fight the flow, work against it and angrily grieve. When we’re relaxed and receptive we get what we want. When we’re rigid and resisting we get the opposite.

Here’s a thought to ponder concerning the Law of Three. When there’s one affirming force and a second denying force, there’s always a third force that’s neutralizing/reconciling. These three forces create a fourth force which is always a New Arising. So let’s say you’re the denying force, the water is the affirming force and the swimming instructor is the reconciling force. The fourth force, New Arising, is that swimming  becomes a new joyous competency.

Everyday we are presented with challenges that are contrasts. There are always three forces involved with affirming, denying, and reconciling/neutralizing energy thus creating a fourth, New Arising. This is the ongoing rhythm of life. When we’re fighting and ignoring this life energy we become mechanical and life becomes ‘what’s happening while we’re busy making other plans.’  As we face another day of contrasts, today, tomorrow and the day after we will have choices to affirm, deny and reconcile. Conscious awareness is key to these choices . . .

Whatever forces you decide to side with, a New Arising will constellate which will create new ternary cords that will constellate with other New Arisings and on and on. In this life rhythm we are constantly creating new realities. As you ponder whether you are an affirming, denying, or reconciling/neutralizing energy force in any giving situation, become aware of what you truly want and how you want to create it. Do you want to relax, float and swim with joy or do you want to fight, flail and drown in anger and despair? The choice is up to you . . .

  • As in Autumn, sit quietly with the beauty of change that is necessary for your new growth.
  • Awaken to the rhythmic pulse of Life that’s flowing through you for a New Arising.
  • In your daily practice become aware of what you’re affirming, denying, and reconciling/neutralizing. What are you being and doing to bring more life to life for you and others?

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