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If you’ve been paying attention to the global scene over the past fifty years you’ve noticed that there have been a lot of significant changes in the world. Some have led to advances while others have let to regressions. The question is: How responsible and aware have we been in making decisions for the long term betterment and sustainability of our global community? Have our choices created greater peace, prosperity, respect, dignity and reverence for all?

Have we given adequate attention to aligning ourselves with the values of the soul: harmony, sharing, cooperation, love, care, reverence for life? Have we gained significant understanding of the depths of our ignorance and prejudice in our decisions? Have we considered the planetary community as well as our local communities? Do we recognize that we are now a global village and that we’re all interconnected, bound together as one family from One Source, One IAM?

What we’re beginning to know is that our planet is home for all sentient and non sentient beings and as the least of these go, so do we all. We share the same spirit, breathe the same air, eat from the same earth, and use the same resources. We share the same hearts, the same body/mind and come from the same creation.We’re entangled in ways we’ve never known. There can be no more business as usual, no more apathy. To be free, it’s a move from me to we to thee.

The strange part of this storyline is we don’t seem to know who we are and what we’re doing.  We’re still living in tribal cultures that have little regard for gifts differing. We’re still despoiling  the oceans, building bombs to destroy lives, warring over whose god is the One and whose dogmas are bigger and better. We’re still glorifying violence and declaring that ‘might makes right‘ while millions of children suffer in squalor without hope for a new way of being and doing.

It seems that we all take the limits of our own vision for the limits of the world while the soul experiences the unlimited possibilities and potentialities of a new way of living life. As I sit with my six year old grandson I envision the millions of children that have been displaced due to greed, ignorance, violence and apathy. Through him I’m inspired toward a new way of being.  I’m challenged to live the rest of my life differently; to leave a legacy for the reverence of life.

My self centeredness stares me in the face and calls me into question as I try to rationalize my lack of engagement with the suffering of the world. The revelation is we can change. We can release our feelings of inadequacy to reverence each moment and each person we meet. We can pray and stand in solidarity with the Oneness of all in ways we haven’t before. We can advocate for the whole of creation, make our hearts heard and follow the revelation of love to care for all. This revelation is full of reverence, inspiration and soulful action. It’s our calling….

  • Take a moment to ask yourself: What does this moment in human history ask of me? Sit deeply with the question, feel the reverence of the answer and gently engage it step by step.
  • Breathe in reverence for those you know. Breathe out compassion for those you don’t know.
  • Close your eyes and envision the revelation of a planetary community of love, joy, peace and prosperity. Ask for one thing you can do today to bring it about and make it so with reverence.

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