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Many decades ago I first spoke the word ‘Wow.’ I was in my early twenties and don’t remember ever uttering that word until I had the epiphany experience that caused it. Once spoken, I began hearing the word repeated by thousands of people for all kinds of reasons. I’m still expressing my surprise with Wow, but now am spelling it ‘Woww.’

At the turn of the century I started looking at Wealth, Opportunity, Wisdom, and Well-being as subjects that were changing beyond what I knew them to be. Wealth was transforming from the material realm to the soulful and spiritual realms. It was becoming a profusion of abundant flowing energy that everyone could experience any time.

Opportunity became a process that seemed to be everywhere inviting engagement. Every crisis showed up as danger and opportunity. I would experience the danger then flip it and discover the opportunities. It became a different way of viewing the world. In the polarities and observations new possibilities emerged.

Wisdom transformed from something that only those certain ‘few special people’ could ever attain to something anyone could enter into when I discovered that the beginning of wisdom was wonder and not knowing. We all wonder and can come to realize that we don’t know even what we think we know. This helped me taste humility which along with meaning is directly connected to wisdom.

Finally, Well-Being showed up in ways that I never could have imagined. It showed up in gain and loss, connection and disconnection, fear and love, attainment and defeat. I began to realize that no matter what happened to me in the material plane, I had choices to make at the mental, emotional, and spiritual levels that could create well-being for myself and others. I began to Be Still…….and Know………IAM……..Woww……….

All this took and takes place within the Power of Life’s vital energy field in an interconnected and participatory Uni-verse. What is this Power, where does it come from and how is it that we have access to it? True Power is always associated with that which supports the significance of Life itself. It appeals to what dignifies, ennobles, and supports. Power energizes, gives forth, supplies, and is connected with deep meaning.

Over the next few weeks we’ll be exploring The Power of Woww. It’s what grows our fingernails, breathes us, and sustains life. It’s the IAM energy that’s always creating and sustaining. We’ll be engaging Wealth, Opportunity, Wisdom, and Well-being in more expanded ways. We’ll be bridging polarities so you’ll to be able to more fully participate in the abundance of Wealth, Opportunity, Wisdom, and Well-being. Woww!

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