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The whispering and sometimes turbulent winds of change offer us opportunities to grow in ways the noisy ever present busyness of life does not. The winds of change challenge us with the opportunity to nurture simplicity and discover a greater harmony. The winds of change can awaken a new awareness within us that puts us face to face with the big questions of who we are, what we’re up to, and how we really want to be.

The Chinese written language is one of symbols. The concept of crisis is made with two symbols. One is danger and the other is opportunity. From this wisdom perspective we have choice in every so called crisis. We can choose to give our attention to the danger which will result in further fight, flight, and freeze reactivity and/or we can give our attention and intention to find the opportunity in the situation and create something new.

It’s curious to me that so much of the time, when faced with what we call crisis, we choose to enter the fray of danger rather than seeing the opportunity in the so called difficulty. Doesn’t the season of spring always follow winter and hasn’t winter, with all it’s snow, become a great opportunity for recreation and all manner of fun? When was the last time you wanted something, didn’t get it and rejoiced at what eventually did come?

Many of us have a propensity to believe who we are and what we have is ‘not enough.’ With this persistent inner attitude, what we are and have will never be enough. Sit quietly for a moment and say, “I Am Enough.” What kind of feedback do you get from your monkey mind? Where did this message come from? As children we all know we’re enough until we get the message from others we’re not. It’s a dangerous condition . . .

When we have this perspective of ‘not enough’, most everything in life becomes not enough and crisis always leads to danger rather than opportunity. Because of our unconscious inner beliefs everything can seem ‘not enough’, even opportunities. Have you ever turned down an opportunity because it scared you? What was the picture you created in your head? What were the words you said to yourself. How did you feel?

If you’ve been following these blogs you know that we’re exploring the Power of Wealth, Opportunity, Wisdom, and Well-being. Each of these areas has sub-categories we will explore and seek to embrace. The next step will be to explore discernment, making the unfamiliar familiar. Embracing opportunity with discernment is a challenge to enter into a new way of being and doing. How are you discerning your unconscious promptings?

Winston Churchill said: “A pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. An optimist sees opportunity in every difficulty.” Most of us have both of these traits programmed into our systems. Discernment will help us clear the decks of our conditioning and allow more optimism to appear when ‘I Am Enough’ settles in. There’s more opportunity to come!

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