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In the Book of Changes, I Ching, it is written: The Tao is called the Great Mother; empty yet inexhaustible It gives birth to infinite worlds. It is always present within you. You can use it any way you want. This ‘Tao’ is also called the Way, the Logos, the Word, the Un-manifest, Essence of Being, the Ineffable, the Great River, Infinite Flow, and a thousand other names including God. It is the Infinite Presence of Being, IAM . . .

The above paragraph and quote are difficult to digest unless you have moved beyond the constrictive dualistic interpretations of the past and allowed your sense of Self to be expanded in a way that is more inclusive. It’s a difficult transition if you still see God as ‘Big Daddy’ in the sky, cut off and separate from us. Christ spoke of the kingdom of God as being within us. It’s the Essence of who we are. We live within It and It within us . . .

Can you remember a moment in nature, or sitting on a park bench, on a meditation cushion, or on the back of a horse where you felt at one with your environment even for a few moments? Have you ever been present at a birth and witnessed the first breath of a newborn? Were you ever with a loved one or a beloved pet when they died? Each of these moments and a thousand more can draw you into the wealth of Presence.

Presence is not something that’s taught in most present day institutions. It lies primarily within the domain of the brain’s right hemisphere who’s function is synthesis; holistic and intuitive in it’s operation. The left hemisphere is the utilitarian brain that analyzes and objectifies the world with names and classifications. It’s a linear and sequential information processor that’s not concerned with expanding consciousness or Presence.

Our culture has a definite prejudice for left hemispheric rational, linear, and objective thought because it controls and produces power over rather than power with. It’s the business center where we work to survive and it gets us where we seem to want to go. The right hemisphere is existential, the place where we live, love, and have our Being. It’s the part of the brain that meditates, wonders, creates, connects and is multisensory.

To experience the power of wealth in Presence requires us to shift toward a more comprehensive consciousness found in the right hemisphere. It invites us into a different mindset that is more spacious, fluid, and interconnected with all that is seen and unseen, known and unknown. It awakens us to the power and wealth of that which is greater than us and ever present within us. Take a moment. Stop, Look, and Listen . . .

After reading, shift your awareness from this page to your breathing. Close your eyes and be still, trust, open, and slowly say I AM PRESENCE. Be with your body. Be aware of everything and nothing: sounds of silence, the power of infinite wealth in Presence….

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