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I’ve spent a considerable amount of time over the past week observing Pope Francis, the people around him, the events he’s participated in, and his global mission. I’ve been struck by his calm, confident, kind, and compassionate demeanor. I’ve been touched by his powerful gentleness, his natural state of being, and his ongoing joyful optimism. His Vision and Actions are congruent. What does this say to you?

Have you noticed how people have responded to this presence and the slow gentle caring movement that is conveyed to others? Have you noticed the kindness that is given and received by this presence? Do you know that deep down inside, this is the Who that is Really You? What we’re witnessing is the Power of Kindness, the living experience of an embodied human/divine Presence being modeled for All.

Years ago, the Dali Lama was asked about his religion and what its essence was. His answer was simple and to the point. “My religion is Kindness.” It appears the Dali Lama and the Pontiff have the same religion. It’s Lovingkindness, pure and simple. Why do I add the loving to kindness? Maybe it’s to add emphasis to the essential nature of these most important ways of Being. Maybe it’s to highlight the inseparable connection of the two as One. Maybe I’m recognizing this as the Essence of Life’s Golden Rule.

What I’ve been witnessing over these past few day is the dynamic, fluid, and ever present energy of the Aramaic word, shemya, which means vibration, atmosphere, sound, name, and word. It indicates that which ‘rises and shines in space,’ the entire sphere of a being. Think of the words Mama and Papa, universal names that include sound, vibration and atmosphere which include every center of activity, every place we see, all the potentiality of all things. Think nurturance, safety, possibilities, verdancy . . .

In effect, shemya speaks of the vibrations by which each of us can recognize the Oneness of Being that is the Universe, God, Unity, Source, Interconnectivity. It takes us beyond explanations and rational thought to a trans-rational, causal, non dual space of Being. Is it possible that this is what so many people are experiencing through this gentle powerful man many call Papa? Is it possible that the Kindness he brings to every situation and evokes from people is the same Essence we all share in Spirit and Truth?

Could it be that billions of people globally are recognizing the unity, oneness, and process of creation through the witness of this fellow traveler who deeply feels the plight of the whole created order? Is it possible that the longing we feel deep within our souls is an indicator of a Great Turning taking place within us & our global community? It feels this way to me as I’m being asked to do something about it. What about You?

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