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The Power of Intention

Jul 17, 2017 | Soul | 1 comment

I had difficulty getting to the page today. I spent hours walking around this subject and finally concluded that some of the ‘little selves’ of my personality didn’t want to do this work. The soulful part of me however did want to and made an intention to do so. The choice I made to put these words on this page is therefore a soulful enterprise that is part of our collective soul to engage them. Within this intention we are interconnected in ways that are real but are mostly beyond our awareness. This is attention to intention.

Within each of us there are a myriad of conflicting voices. As we become aware of these different parts of our personality, we’re able to experience these energy currents within that compete for expression. Each of these choices become intentions as we choose them. They shape our reality. Earlier today one of my parts wanted to stay in, lounge around, watch some golf, take a nap and not do this writing project. Beneath these voices however was a more focused, clear, responsible and intentional voice.

This deeper voice was calm and wise. It identified with my higher purpose so I listened with a different sensibility. It reminded me of an intention I set yesterday to spend time this afternoon in the woods bathing in the atmosphere of the forest. I finally acted upon this intention, spent a couple hours within the flow of the earth and trees which ultimately brought me back to this task. The process fulfilled the intention of writing these words  to expand our awareness of the power of intention. It’s multi-sensory. . .

This is a small example of the importance of our intentions, the conscious choices we make and the forces within us that compete for our attention. Each of our decisions emerge from conscious and unconscious choices we make which determine what we become in the moment and over time. The requirement for us is to become aware of these choices and recognize what we want to cultivate, which parts we want to ignore and what we want to create in the moment for ourselves and the world.

Reflect over the past few days and look at the intentions you had and the various choices you made. Did you latch onto the first ones that came to mind or did you look at the alternatives and make a conscious choice based on an awareness of your intentions to reach the highest good for yourself and others? Think of your thoughts, words and actions. What did you say and do that you regret or are pleased with? How did fear, anger, jealousy, pride and judgement influence your reactions?

When we choose the energy of our Authentic Soulful Self rather than our conditioned personalities there’s a resonance with clarity, acceptance, forgiveness, wisdom, love reverence and appreciation. Here we gain power. In fear, doubt, judgement and inflation there’s a disconnect; we lose power. Our True Self’s guidance system opens us to compassion, understanding, love, joy and peaceful presence.Our vibrant creativity is embodied in this deeper Self which allows us to co-create new reconciling realities.

I’ll leave you now with a quote from Gary Zukav’s thought provoking book from a quarter century ago titled The Seat of the Soul – “The journey to wholeness requires that you look honestly, openly and with courage into yourself, into the dynamics that lie behind what you feel, what you perceive, what you value, and how you act. It’s a journey through your defenses and beyond so you can experience consciously the nature of your personality, face what it has produced in your life and choose to change that.”

  • Write down your intentions for today and tomorrow. Through self observation become aware of the choices you make that lead you toward your intentions and away from them. Become aware of the competing voices in your personality and drop deeper. Listen for the quieter clearer voice of your soul, your essential Self. Ask and receive.
  • Practice a soulful pause before you react to something your personality wants to take issue with. In the pause, listen for a deeper understanding and compassion for yourself and the other: Continue remaining within this soulful presence while going out. React not, resist not. Listen and love soulfully with your smiling heart.
  • Drop into the depths of your soul and give thanks for the help that’s always here. Feel the love, care and presence within. Feel the pain and confusion. Come home to deep soul and embrace the beauty of your True Self, Essential Self, Compassionate Self.

1 Comment

  1. MaryEllen Arthur

    Thank you this was just what I needed this day!


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