I’ve been writing two blogs a week and posting them now for three years. This one almost didn’t get written because the thought to stop almost overcame me. After all is said and done, I sit here alone with my thoughts, share them with you, and rarely get a hint that this effort has any effect. I sometimes feel defeated and wonder why I bother doing this. It produces no income while creating expense. Am I crazy?

Then I read the above quote from Dorothy Day and the following by Lao Tsu: “Cultivate Virtue in your self, and Virtue will be real. Cultivate Virtue in the family, and Virtue will flourish. Cultivate Virtue in the village, and Virtue will be abundant. Cultivate Virtue in the world and Virtue will triumph everywhere.” This writing exercise cultivates Virtue in me and in the world even if only one other person has a change of heart.

Stephen Gaskin wrote many years ago: “Politicians wish to move great masses of people. We do not need to move great masses of anyone. We need to let the bitterness of the moves we have already accomplished die down.” And finally Thomas Merton inspired me with: “When the shoe fits the foot is forgotten. When the belt fits the belly is forgotten. When the heart is right, ‘for’ and ‘against’ are forgotten.”

The great challenge of bringing about a revolution of the heart is a daily project. It ‘s coming into alignment with what we want and what we’re called to learn. If we want the world’s abundance shared, we learn to live more simply. If we want ecological harmony, we learn conservation rather than consumption.If we want world peace, we learn to develop non-aggression, conflict resolution, and reconciliation.

If we want to see equal rights shared by all, we overcome personal prejudices. If we want a global family in collaboration, we help each other with openness and love. We emphasize common unity, familial bonds, and generosity for ourselves, the planetary environment, and all beings. We trade our hubris for humility and our competition for cooperation. We become servants of the higher and greater good in our daily lives.

Thoughts, words, and actions; the inner turning is always right here and now. It’s in the daily experiences of life, in the little things, in the attitudes and actions. Today I’m  posting this blog and having a few conversations to inspire and be inspired. Today I’m praying for peace and smiling at everyone I meet. Today I’m making some phone calls to spread goodwill. Today I’m asking for the gift of patience. Today I’m giving the gift of patience and presence. Today I’m living from my heart. What about you? What are you going to  be and do today to cultivate virtue and bring about a revolution of your heart?

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