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The Forgotten Gift

May 8, 2017 | Creative Self | 1 comment

As I continue to explore the mysterious land of creativity, I’m always surprised at how many people don’t give the intuitive mind any attention. As I follow the political and business news in our country and around the world it’s shocking to see what an enormous grip the rational mind has on so called enterprising leaders. Something they and we are withholding is making us weak, fearful and punitive. This something is not out there in some unknown land or conspiracy theory, it’s found in the intuitive mind of each and everyone of us.

Seeds germinate and grow in darkness, ambiguity and formlessness. True creativity needs both darkness and light, intuition and rationality, impulsive sparks of inspiration and quiet time for gestation. In thinking we’re not part of Nature, we divorce ourselves from the mysterious and ongoing rhythms of Life rather than tuning into them within ourselves. Instead of living in the world of both/and, we live in the world of either/or thus disconnecting from the deep listening and awareness of the ‘still small voice’ within that’s connected to the Source of Life.

To want a linear cause and effect result in everything we engage is to cut ourselves off from the creative wealth, wisdom and wholeness of the Great Creating of which we are apart. Here we dissociate from the very essence of our being, belonging and becoming. Here we live unconsciously while thinking we’re totally conscious. This illusory mindset is rapidly destroying our global life support systems and one another. Self-awareness and intuitive growth is essential for our survival. It’s the gift that’s already been given and waiting our awakening.

In the depths of every human being there’s an inner calm, a sanctuary of soul where compassion, care and relaxed guidance is available. Connecting with this ‘kingdom within’ is the prime directive of all spiritual practice. It transcends and includes the rational mind leading us further into the intuitive/contemplative mind in which the mystery of creativity resides. The rational mind is the finite ego mind of command and control while the intuitive mind is the infinite mind connected to the One Heart/Mind many call God. It’s where the doors of perception open.

From this space, we find ourselves choosing to experience the present moment of opportunities looking within for guidance.  From this more relaxed position we soften to become more gentle and in greater harmony with ourselves and the more subtle and causal energies that flow in, around and through us. Our perspectives, possibilities and potentialities expand to include more creativity, verdancy and peaceful presence. We start experiencing Life at deeper levels of grace and gratitude which brings more clarity and purpose to every moment and activity.

As  I sit here writing I find myself pausing, listening to the ambient music soothing my soul and ushering my objective rational mind across a threshold into the mystery of what I’m writing. It’s beyond words and yet I use words as a magic carpet to take you into another more spacious realm of Being. Yesterday I hiked into a deserted area in the mountains to listen to a rushing stream making it’s way into the lower reaches of the valley. It transported me beyond time and opened my heart and mind to a knowing beyond knowing, into the wonder that’s always here.

Sitting in conversation we can slow our rational mind long enough to listen deeply to the other. There’s no need to comment, no need to correct, no need to even understand. The need is to honor the gift of intuitive presence that resides within each person. This presence miraculously binds the two with a third transforming energy. This creates a fourth which is a new arising, a new transformative relationship that transcends words and concepts. This subtle and causal energy is the heart of our presence and interconnectivity with the whole of creation.

  • After reading this you may be in resistance to what’s been said. Your rational mind may want to dismiss it, revile and condemn it. Let those thoughts come and let them go. Sit quietly and allow the resistance, judgement and attachment to the thoughts pass. Drop deeper and breathe into the simple presence of receptivity and let your intuitive mind expand into the void.
  • If you live with a pet, allow it to calm you. Listen to the purr of your cat or the slow breathing of your dog or the song of your bird. Listen to the wind rustling the leaves outside your window or the silent sounds of your heart. Feel the quiet presence of spirit in your environment. . .
  • Take a gentle walk today and give attention to the movement of your body, the feeling of your feet touching the ground. Sit down from time to time to stop, look and listen to what’s going on inside, outside and around you. Sense a common unity with your surroundings. . .
  • Contemplate, be with the invisible template of the moment, the silence behind the silence, the sounds behind the sounds, the inspiration behind the activity. Stay grounded in the present moment and give thanks for each breath, each movement, each smile that helps you know you’re alive. Continue to soften your heart and rest easy in your skin. Then begin again and again and again to relax, release and realign with the forgotten gift of you intuitive mind. . . 

1 Comment

  1. Walt Tausch

    Rick, I don’t have words to express how meaningful this is to me at this time.
    Thank You !!!!!!


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