This Thursday before Christmas I simply want to send you a short note giving thanks for your faithful support of this work and ask you to look deeply into the days ahead to see the beauty that is flowing inside, around and through you all the time. I’d also like you to reflect on the beauty of the dream that took place two thousand years ago in the middle East when a child was born who would grow up and give his life to expand the hearts and minds of the whole human family. This beautiful dream was to awaken peace on earth and good will for all.

This gift is now given each day to us and lives within our hearts, minds, bodies, and souls. When we trade our judgements on ourselves and others for understanding and lovingkindness we bring that dream more clearly into focus. When we see with the innocence and wonder of a child we bring that dream home with surprise and delight. When we act with compassionate hearts, feel our essence and that of others we draw the dream closer into being. When we give the gift of our True Self to others without conditions, abiding love creates good will for all.

The message here is that love is who we are and is the space that lives in us, with us and for us. Our beauty comes from the inside out and what we give in thoughts, words and deeds is what we receive. So in this season of love, joy and peace, think and feel the beauty that’s in you, all around you and flowing through you. Look into the mirror of others and give loving kindness. See the beauty, the blessing, the be-longing and live into the dream of deep love, peaceful presence and well-being for all no matter what. Christ-mass is not just a day or even a season; it’s a lifestyle. May you allow this beauty, joy and peace to flow in all of your days.

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