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Thankfulness and Forgiveness

Nov 22, 2017 | Thanksgiving | 0 comments

What concepts, images and emotions come to mind when you experience the words ‘Thankfulness’ and ‘Forgiveness’? . . . What about ‘Thanksgiving’ and ‘Forgiving’? . . . . What if there are different and more expanded meanings for these words that could help us become more compassionate, open and prosperous? For many, thankfulness and forgiveness are two pillars of human awakening and evolution. They involve feeling, acknowledgement and expression of favor, kindness and mystery. They’re an inner disposition to be lived every moment of every day. They’re part of our Entelechy.

The human Entelechy can be described unscientifically as that ‘innate cause’ or ‘divine spark’ that gives form within living substance and directs life giving processes. It’s also known as Indwelling Spirit, Soul, Essence, True Self, Being, Light, Life, God, Abwoon, YHVH, Ineffable One and a host of other names that hold truth but do not conform to the standards of science. Fortunately, with the advent of quantum physics, the theories of yesterday are transforming into the science of today. What if our innate Self is truly soulful, an Integral part of the Whole, a unit of the One, an evolving Essence?

What if Love is this Essence of Life, the invisible energy forms called quanta, energy bundles that permeate the universe in every way, shape, form and substance. What if we live and move and have our Being in this invisible energy field beyond words; an Ineffable Pure Consciousness? What if Thankfulness and Forgiveness is vibratory energy built into our Essence, our Substance? What if it’s been here all along and we’re finally ‘waking up’ as a species to what we’ve been given from the beginning? What if we’d awaken and engage these energies with feeling, thought and action?

True giving is a matter of the heart: A joyous participatory experience, a gift of our willingness to connect, to care, to participate and interact with Life. Giving and receiving is interconnectivity with the ongoing  generosity of Being and Belonging. Here we let go of culturally conditioned views to create more and more inclusiveness, harmony, acceptance, meaning and communion with the Whole. Here we begin to see ourselves as part of rather than apart from. Here our commitment to the path of awareness and peace deepens. Here we find our True Self.

The practice of thankfulness and forgiveness frees us from our sense of isolation. We let go of our clinging and attachments to let come the expansion of open hearts and hands; for giving and receiving, meaning and purpose, joy and celebration. It helps overcome the fear of our small false self that sees itself as not enough which leads to  constricted thoughts and actions keeping us isolated and confused. In Essence, we’re all whole and complete, interconnected with the Source of Life. When we ‘awaken’ to this reality, the reciprocal nature of giving and receiving begins to grow. We come alive.

  • Allow this week to be a week of thankfulness and forgiveness. Shift your inner attitudes to affirmation, acceptance and appreciation for yourself, others and for every circumstance you find yourself in. Awaken to the present moments and allow a loving receptivity to fill your heart. Feel the radiance of your Essence flowing through your Being. Receive love with every inhale of breath and give love with every exhale.
  • As you live your days this week remember One Thing: You are here for giving and receiving Love…….It’s the One Thing……It’s the learning of a lifetime……and all things flow to and from this One Thing……..LOVE……..ongoing receiving and giving along your path with a Heart… Feel it. Believe it. Receive it… Smiling Hearts to Share!


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