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Summer’s Rest

Jul 10, 2019 | True Nature | 0 comments

Years ago, when our thirty something daughter was twelve years old, we would go out to our small ranch to tend the horses on summer days. After the ‘chores’ were over, we’d climb up on the hood of the old pick up truck, lean against the windshield and look for images in the clouds as they floated across the sky. Not only was it not a waste of time, it was an experience of great intimacy with one another and with the True Nature of all that was in the fleeting moments that changed with the breeze. It was aliveness!

As I reflect on those moments so many years ago, I’m trying to remember the last time I laid back and watched the clouds float across the sky.  Has it been over twenty years since I’ve reclined on the grass, looked at the clouds or the stars and felt the wonder of True Nature within and without that’s ever present without a doubt? Have I been so caught up in my everyday running around that I’ve lost contact with the rest and relaxation that’s always here calling me Home? What’s been gained? What’s been lost? 

Summer is a time to step off the conveyor belt of our busy extraverted lives and again awaken to the wonder that’s ever present in the flowers, lakes, rivers, trees and the breeze. Summer is a gift to let go of our everyday running around, to take our rest in the middle of where we’re at our best; in the True Nature of Life’s abundance flowing all around us. Summer is a time to enjoy the extraordinary Nature of being and becoming more and more of who we truly are by following our guiding star.

As I write these words I’m listening to the birds, to the songs of the flowers that sing in silent harmony and the rhythms of an ongoing melody that permeates the moment. I’m awakening to the ever present music and artistic creations that are everywhere visible and invisible at the same time. In my reflections, I can see, hear, smell, taste, touch and feel the sweet wonder of summer’s life giving rest and the gift that is offered. How about you? Are you sitting where these sensory impressions can reach out to you? 

What is it that keeps us from the miracles of True Nature that are happening every moment of every day? What side shows are we giving attention to and why? What would it be for you to get more connected with the Season of Soul called Summer? How would you benefit from the common union that can be shared with the earth, air, fire and water of our Mother’s Nature? What would it take for you to go outside, lie on the grass or lean against a tree and experience the leaves creating new harmonies? 

For me, almost anything other than these gifts of Summer are a waste of time. The television and android news, advertisements, the calls to get involved in more rancor, the pitches to buy more stuff and get more tuff don’t leave me in a state of grace. Rather, they are jarring and scarring, distracting and disconnecting. Our collective True Nature has the power to connect and correct this disharmony of our fast paced frenetic lives. It has the frequency and vibration to calm and center us. It invites us to relax.

When we slow way down, something within changes and rearranges. We become more of who we truly are rather that what we’ve been programmed to be. Do you ever have the sense that you’re missing out on what your True Nature has intended for you? Do you ever want to ditch all the ‘adult‘ stuff and be that seven year old girl or boy again? When this happens to me, I go off by myself and sit by the water or alone at a park bench or under a tree or, even climb the tree so no one can see me.

As an elder in Mother Earth’s community I’m giving you permission to be seven years old any time you choose: To lie on the grass, climb or at least sit under a tree, listen to the murmur of a stream, get on the hood of your car to look for images in the clouds and travel with the stars in the darkness of night. It’s summer. It’s your time. It’s your gift. It’s your opportunity to reconnect with the essence of the moment, to bring Life to Life. What do you say? Do you have the juice to again feel the wonder of Summer’s Rest?

  • Today, tomorrow, this week make a date with your seven year old to engage in one of these exercises. If you don’t want to lay on the grass, take a blanket to feel your way Home and share the experience with someone who also needs this gift. . . .
  • As you wander about this summer, find ways to experience ‘Summer’s Rest.‘ Notice how you feel when you take the nap, the leisurely walk, when you feed the ducks, play with your children/grandchildren. Notice what brings surprise and delight to you. Give yourself permission  to ‘waste some time‘ and recognize how beneficial it is.
  • Awaken to the wonder of ‘Summer’s Rest‘ everyday and celebrate the gift of living Life abundantly………Become a model for a whole new way of being and doing with no excuses, no guilt, no sh*t. . . . Are you smiling yet? ? ? ?  



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