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Summer Vitality

Jun 5, 2019 | Soul | 0 comments

The other day I spent the afternoon searching for a place I knew existed but couldn’t find. As Winter turned into Spring with more Winter, I got lost and stuck in a place that lacked grace. Winter however finally loosened its grip and Spring has begun to turn into Summer with a new vitality I’ve been longing for. The place I was looking for was both literal and metaphorical. The literal place was a primitive campground along side the second largest body of water in the state of Colorado. The metaphorical place was a place called Home deep inside myself where I didn’t have to be someone else.

The vitality of Summer in the month of June speaks to the essence within where everything begins. It’s that place where the first kiss sparked a fire, where the fun in the sun never ended until the sunburn taught a lesson. It’s that feeling deep within that speaks of the wonder, wealth, meaning and purpose of everything that’s beautiful; where the ordinary becomes extraordinary and the light never seems to fade. In Vita, Life, we are transported to a Home we long for, where everything flowers from within.

We live in a multidimensional world that transcends and includes all there is, has been and ever will be. We also live in a three dimensional world that we think is all there is. To see is to believe but maybe we have it backwards or that it’s both. How would it work if we had to believe something to see it? In the case of the primitive campground, I had to believe it existed to see it or I never would have looked for it. I had to believe in that first kiss for it to happen. I have to believe in you and me and so many things for them to manifest, to become a real. We have to believe and perceive to discover essence. . . .

Many people I have conversations with don’t believe in Soul. They don’t believe in an essence within or anything they can’t see with their blue, green, grey or brown eyes. They can’t imagine anything beyond the five senses of sight, smell, hearing, taste or touch. They can’t conceive of anything beyond their own experiences, no matter how limited. They are we and yet, many of us have experiences that are beyond the five senses. Many of us have had and continue to have experiences of an essence within that prompts new awareness, belief and perceptions beyond what we think we know.

The life we experience in Summer is filled with Life. The flowers, trees, birds, bees, the sunrises and sunsets, the long days and short nights, verdancy wherever we look, the natural order of things. What is it to live without an awareness of an essence within, without an inner compass to guide us Home? What is it to live without vitality, without meaning and purpose beyond our own selves? What is it to be fully alive, fully present?

These questions motivate me and others to look with different eyes into the heart, the essence of matter. They propel us into the inner reaches of outer space and the outer reaches of inner space and beyond. They draw us to no more business as usual and guide us onto paths of roads less traveled. They invite us into new discoveries, new ways of thinking and acting, new vitality and awareness that  vibrates within and asks us to awaken from our sleep and connect with Essence; where everything begins.

Summer vitality invites us into a new Life, that we may have it more abundantly. It opens us to a joy that resides in the inner depths so our joy may continue to reach greater fullness. The vitality of Summer encourages us to awaken, believe, perceive, receive and achieve that which we were created to be: Joyfully alive with reverence, serenity and peace. What do you say? Do you believe you can live this way? Do to believe in another kiss, a primitive campground, a deeper connection with Life?

  • As we move further into Summer, believe in the mystery of Life and give yourself to it in ways you haven’t before. Be courageous, affirming and empowered. Believe in Life and give yourself to it in healthy and joyful ways. . . .
  • Whether you believe in soul of not, give yourself the benefit of your doubt and spent time feeling that benevolent something deep within you. Call it what you want but stop every once in a while and drop into your depths. Calm and Center. Breathe and find that Home deep inside yourself where you don’t have to be somebody else. . . .
  • Play with your beliefs and perceptions. When you really give yourself to someone or something perceive what you are believing and how it directs you. Awaken to your perceiving and your believing. See how they interact with one another and what you learn as you give them significant attention and awareness. . . .



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