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Summer Solstice

Jun 19, 2019 | Awareness | 1 comment

The wind whispers its secrets in its own incomprehensible language and the stars sing in the depths of the night inviting our awareness and participation. These words have been inspired by the many journeys into the depths of our forests, great lakes and night skies far away from the ambient light of our cities. In a few days we’ll being experiencing the Summer Solstice which marks the longest day of light in the Northern Hemisphere. For some it’s just another day. For others it’s a special manifestation of Kosmic rhythm.

I’m using ‘Kosmic’ as presented by the 21st century philosopher Ken Wilber because it includes both the inner cosmos in all matter and the outer cosmos that extends into infinity. They are a sacred unity that flow in, out, around and through the multiverse within the universe. There is an implicit unity in the Kosmos that we’re all a part of while there seems to be an implicit separation when we use the word Cosmos. I’m pointing to the sacred unity of all that is seen/unseen, visible/invisible, known and unknown.

In this ‘season of soul’ we call summer, there’s an ever present overlap with the season of winter as it houses the Winter Solstice marking the shortest day of light in the northern Hemisphere. The two appear to be opposites yet are a sacred unity in their play between darkness/light, hot/cold, awakening/sleep, life/death and all so called opposites that are actually a unified field flowing to and fro infinitely. There are no real opposites, only interconnected poles of movement from one extreme to another.

Truman Capote was heard to have said: “The wind is us. It gathers and remembers all our voices, then sends them talking and telling through the leaves and fields.” This is a metaphor for the awareness of our interconnectivity with everyone and everything. Are you giving yourself the opportunities to experience the leaves, flowers and fields or are you wasting away in front of the looking glasses of our various electronic devices that don’t gather and help us remember our natural unfettered voices?

I’m not saying that we should dump our new technologies, rather that we need a greater awareness because of them. We need to spend as much time in Nature as we do in front of the virtual screens that scream at us to be more materialistic and self centered. We need to listen to the wind as a messenger from a higher altitude that can touch us in the very depths of our being where there is no conflict, no aggression. We need to be more still, more awake, more relaxed, more understanding, more loving.

The Summer Solstice is here again to help us know of our interconnectivity with greening and growing, with new possibilities and potentialities coming into being through us, for us and the greater good. It mirrors the miracles of manifesting darkness and light, fear and love, grief and joy, apathy and revelation. It asks us to paint a new picture on the canvas of our awareness to create a whole new reality that honors the dignity of our Mother, Earth and all her inhabitants. It asks us to Awaken from our sleep.

  • Sit with these affirmations and feel what theyre saying to you  from the depth of your Being. “I am a being of Heaven and Earth.” “I am a being of thunder and lightening.” “I am a being of rain and wind.” “I am a being of stars and galaxies.” I am a being of light and darkness.” I am a being of being.” “I am a being of IAM.”
  • At the depth of your being there is no conflict. Stop and drop into this depth. Let it teach you through the wind, rain, flowers and stillness; the manifestations of all creation that are coming and going, ebbing and flowing, here and now, ever growing.
  • Reflect on the kind of Awareness that’s necessary to tap into in this summer season of soul and what it might ask or even require of you here, now and in the weeks to come.


1 Comment

  1. Mark

    This is a great article, one of your best. I loved the metaphorical reference to the wind. And of course, the multiverse. When you have a free minute, you might like to read about Hugh Everett’s Many Worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics.


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